Trump promises to North Korea ‘fire and fury’ as the US continues to threaten

Trump promises to North Korea ‘fire and fury’ as the US continues to threaten

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The American president Donald Trump said Tuesday that North Korea will suffer “fire and fury” in a way “that the world has never seen,” as the country is the United States threatens.

Trump made that statement at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster. “North Korea should refrain from further threats, to the address of the United States,” he said to reporters, after which he warned of a tough American response.


President Trump threatens North Korea with fire and rage as the world has never seen

Trump responded to the news that North Korea may be a new milestone has been reached in the nuclear program: according to American analysts, the regime succeeded in miniatuurkernkoppen to produce, which can be mounted on a missile.

That concluded the analysts of the U.s. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in a new report. Journalists of the newspaper The Washington Post had an excerpt of the confidential publication to see.

This week also pointed to Japanese observers in a policy analysis for the Ministry of Defence on evidence that North Korea now ‘small’ nuclear warheads.


North Korea suggested Monday that it is prepared using nuclear weapons if the U.S. military action. Pyongyang also made clear that it is not prepared to negotiate about the stopping of the weapons programs. International pressure and sanctions have, in that respect is not the desired result.

American officials have already indicated that a military intervention is not to exclude, but did not prefer to give. Minister Jim Mattis (Defence) warned earlier this year that a military conflict with North Korea unprecedented bloody would be.

Mattis pointed out that the densely populated South Korean capital Seoul is within the range of hundreds of artilleriekanonnen and rocket launchers from North Korea. In and around Seoul live about 25 million people.


It is for analysts outside of North Korea is difficult to estimate how far the nuclear program has progressed. The regime keeps the doors to the outside world and the international political community closed. In addition, many nuclear tests underground run.

By a number of large tests that are well above ground took place, could observers ‘keep up’ with the techniques that the North Koreans have developed. Since 2006, five nuclear test conducted in North Korea; the last was in september 2016.

Long-range missile North Korea may eventually be possible for America to reach

Rapid development

Also tested the North-Korean scholars also long-range missiles. In July, it became clear that the army now has the technology for an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which the United States can be reached. Not everyone is convinced that the North Koreans already fully reliable rockets can build.

However, increases tension between North Korea and other countries, such as Japan, South Korea and the United States, with each test being performed.

After many years of failure,countries are coming together to finally address the dangers posed by North Korea. We must be tough & decisive!


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11:17 – 08 August 2017


How the enmity between North Korea and the U.S. began


The step to which missiles may rest with the (miniaturized) nuclear warheads, was, according to many western experts, is still far out of reach. However, the developments resemble each other now in North Korea getting faster and faster, to follow, say some experts at The Washington Post.

How many warheads the North Korean arsenal now contains, is unclear. The researchers of SLIDE come on sixty nuclear bombs. Other experts, such as the authors of the Japanese report mention a number of thirty.

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