Trump plans to boost to go to White house staff with “war”, after critics

After President Trump encloses a first trip abroad, which believe helper, went very well, the Commander-in-Chief plans, quickly next week’s beef of the White house staff a “war room” aimed at the fight to the administration of the critics more aggressively, according to two advisers of the President.

The name of David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, the two trusted hands of the Trump campaign.bantied as possible additions to the White house staff

But the President’s advisors emphasize both men, the help, currently, continue to, the President of the outside, and no final decisions have been made, whether the President will ask you to officially manage to join, or simply of the President to defend more aggressively from the outside.

The adviser to the President describe a hands-to go on Trump that is willing to put in the Offensive, after the realization-perhaps belatedly -that he has got a lot more serious to two critical questions, push back against leaks in the Federal government and dealing with the political damage from the various Russia-investigations, led by Congress-Committee and Special Counsel Robert Müller.

“It’s all hands on deck,” said one of the advisers of the President, is involved in the planning.

The second consultant added bluntly, “there are still some changes” to the President of the existing employees.

However, both consultants were adamant and emphasized that the continued exaggeration is the end of speculation about a massive “shakeup”, and that there is nothing imminent in terms of possible changes to the press-Secretary Sean Spicer and other top advisers.

Instead, the President in the next week to be moved more on the addition than subtraction. “It is about strengthening and adding to the staff,” noted one of the consultants.

The website Axios quoted a trump ally, than to say, “The White house and embraced the fight, which is going to be as long as Donald Trump, the President is. We always go with street Fighter.”

The President has already lead to selected mark Kasowitz, a tough New York lawyer, outside of his legal team, the focus on the investigation. An adviser to the President Kasowitz ready to rumble “noticed” with the President of the critics from outside of the White house, so that now the emphasis is added to help the West wing Trump.

In the spotlight Bossie and Lewandowski are now two people, the trust of the President, but not a member of the administration in the first few months. Now describe to Bossie and Lewandowski as yet to Trump help from the outside, but both men would be honored, and very hard to say no when the President asks you for more direct help, when he returned from the trip abroad.

Lewandowski said, “Tucker Carlson tonight” Wednesday night, he has no plans to join the administration and this is only in the White house, as a visitor. But he left the door open by saying he would be honored if the President wants him in the White house.

“My loyalty is to the President and the agenda he ran on,” said Lewandowski, adding, “if I were the President can do to help, of course.”

Ed Henry currently serves as Fox News Channel (FNC) chief White House correspondent. He joined the network in June 2011. His latest book is Faith “42: the Jackie Robinson story.”

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