Trump orders the establishment of the “space force” in the 6. Branch of military

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Trump announces to establish move, the “space force”

Speaking at a National space Council, President of the Trump ordered the Pentagon to immediately contact a national “space-force”, the sixth branch of the armed forces.

President Trump, promised on Monday to make space big again.

Speaking at a meeting of the National Space Council, Trump ordered the Pentagon to immediately the establishment of a national “space force”, the sixth branch of the armed forces.

“We go to a place of power,” Trump said in Washington, D. C. “An air force and a space force. Separate, but equal.”

This is not the first time that Trump has floated the idea of creating a “space force.” The President mentioned the idea of honor in may during a ceremony in the White house, the Army Black Knights college football team.

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Trump will not go into Detail about what would perform the military role of the so-called “space force” or who would command it, but he is framed as a question of national security, said he wants to “China and Russia and other countries leads us.”

The President said the United States is the leader “by far” in space and is looking to revive the nation’s flagging space program by the U.S. return to the moon, and soon to reach the Mars smashed in.

Trump was in the process of the Vice-President of the Pence, the head of the National Space Council, and NASA Administrator Jim bride Stine, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin and the other members of the Council.

Together with the call for the “space force” Trump is also a build called-up in the long-term presence in the room, threw his support behind the beginning of the end of the commercial space industry, and signed a Directive to manage space traffic.

The Directive calls for the provision of a safe and secure environment to low-earth orbit, satellite-traffic increases. There are new guidelines for satellite design and operation, lays in addition, collision avoidance, and space vehicles.

The Council chief Secretary, Scott Pace, told reporters before the meeting, the room is always crowded and the current policies are insufficient to tackle the challenge.

Before he made his remarks in the space program, President Trump also weighed in on the current immigration crisis – rays of the USA ” the current immigration laws and said the crisis is “the Democrats” fault.”

“The United States will not be said of the migrants, holding facility” Trump. “We can’t allow that to happen in the USA, Not on my watch. We want security and we want security.

Trump added: “If the Democrats would sit down and stop obstructing, we could still quickly.”

The Trump administration, the policy of the separation of the children of migrants, of their parents, have come under increasing scrutiny from both sides if the aisle.

The policy, which has resulted in nearly 2,000 minors separated from their families through six weeks of sharp criticism from Democrats and even a series of influence has pulled Republicans, including former first lady Laura Bush, the policy is called “cruel” and “immoral” in a guest article in the Washington Post.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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