Trump, on the offensive, will host the New Mexico rally, which aims to turn the state red

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The POTUS holds a rally in Rio Rancho, NM Santa Ana Star Center.

Only a few hours after New York City prosecutors to take the offensive by subpoenaing his tax return, President Trump set the stage in the Democratic-leaning New Mexico on Tuesday night for a campaign rally, the shows, his own aggressive tack in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump rally in a suburb of Albuquerque, is the first stop on a three-day swing that will take him also to expect to California for fundraisers, to raise more than $15 million. The County where the rally takes place, of Rio Rancho, went to Hillary Clintonin 2016, if only by only 1,800 votes.

Trump is on the search to find the next Wisconsin or Michigan — States that Democrats usually win in the presidential elections but surprise, under certain conditions, such as in the year 2016. Also on the Trump team is on the shortlist: Nevada, New Hampshire, and Minnesota.

New Mexico has not inclined, a Republican in the presidential elections since 2004. Trump captures only 40 percent of the national vote in 2016.

Hillary Clinton fell short of a majority victory, with 48 percent support in a state visit.

Then-presidential-candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Albuquerque, N. M., in the year 2016. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File)<br>

The latest indicators are not favorable for the GOP. Last year, the Republicans lost a house seat and the governor’s mansion. Last week, a congressional candidate of the President of names went viral through the mock in an ad.

To replace Rep. Ben Ray Luján, running in an open Senate primary retirement of Democrat Tom Udall, the news of Trump welcomed ‘ s rally in New Mexico first, with mocking disbelief, and then with a tweeted a string of stern warnings.

“Rio Rancho is located in my district, and anyone who undermines the security of, the safety or the lives of our communities, is not welcome here,” he wrote.

Nevertheless, the campaign officials say that a Trump-rally in the vicinity of El Paso, Texas, last February, was well attended by female and Hispanic voters, and travelers from New Mexico, suggesting that New Mexico is in the game.


Hundreds of people came to Monday morning, to claim a place in the queue in front of the evening event in Rio Rancho. To intensify protesters, for their part, promised to, actions of civil disobedience and demonstrations.

Trump’s first visit to New Mexico as President of drew visitors from Colorado, California and parts of New Mexico, according to local media reports.

“This is New Mexico. A lot of people in New Mexico really like trump, because he is fighting for you,” a participant told local station KRQE-13.

Some observers, however, have their doubts.

“Bush had much higher favorable opinions of Hispanics,” said Lonna Atkeson, a political science professor at the University of New Mexico, pointed out, Bush defeated Senator John Kerry 15 years ago by winning over large rural swaths of the state. “He was from Texas, not New York, and so he had tied more regional. … Trump paints a very different portrait.”

Among those waiting for the President in New Mexico, the former CIA Plame operative Valerie, the top contender in a crowded Democratic primary race for New Mexico North constituency, the Luján currently is. Plame mentioned she has a “few points” with the President in a boastful new video that shows her speeding across the desert in a muscle car — Vice versa — before turning to the front in a cloud of dust. The campaign advertising was put on the accuracy of the question.

The Trump campaign, said that the situation on the ground in the state has changed significantly since 2016. In August, Vice President Pence, New Mexico was again declared “in play” politically, a visit to the Permian basin, a booming oil-production zone of overlapping parts of southern New Mexico and Western Texas.

“We don’t have the opportunity, as a result of our fundraising, and infrastructure, in order to defend the States, we have carried out in the year 2016, but expand the map in the year 2020,” said Rick Gorka, a spokesman for a fundraising Committee for Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Trump’s campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said he believes that the President, has improved since 2016. He led the economy, including the fact that Latino unemployment is enforcement at an all-time low, as well as the President of the attitude to immigration.

“The most valuable commodity we have as a campaign of the President of the time. And he’s not going all the way to New Mexico to be a head-fake,” Murtaugh said.

Gorka said New Mexico is a big part of this strategy, as well as Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

President Trump boarding Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base for his trip to Albuquerque on Monday. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Trump’s efforts in New Mexico will be a test of how well his often harsh rhetoric about immigrants, play with Hispanic voters, who comprise almost 40 percent of the New Mexico electorate.

Trump is likely to quote to win his measures for the promotion of oil-and-gas-production-in its offer, the voters. New Mexico is in the middle of an oil production boom has increased employment, and suggested a government spending spree of first-year democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on public education, road projects and tax breaks for film productions.

Lujan Grisham at target took Trump prior to his visit, the President described as demeaning to Hispanics and immigrants since being elected. You also said that Trump’s policy would have led to the increased taxes for some New Mexicans.

In particular, it has pilloried Trump border wall, while the recognition of most of the National guard troops from the border, and sued the U.S. Homeland Security Department to recoup the expenditures of the local governments to shelter and feed asylum-seekers, migrants released in southern New Mexico cities like Las Cruces and Deming.


Trump your stay will be in Albuquerque on Monday night, the donations will follow his rally with a flight to San Francisco Bay area on Tuesday for a lunch action. He will then attend a fundraising dinner this evening in Beverly Hills at the home of real estate developer Geoffrey Palmer. He has scheduled two more fundraisers in Los Angeles and San Diego on Wednesday.

The fundraisers benefit the Trump of victory, the joint Fund Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Fox News’ Ronn Blitzer and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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