Trump offers to meet with Iranian President Rouhani, without preconditions

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President Trump: I would certainly meet with Iran

President Trump, says the Iran deal was ‘ridiculous.’

President Trump said on Monday he would be willing to meet with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with “no preconditions” on the heels of a fiery exchange of threats earlier this month.

“I would certainly make the meeting with Iran, if they wanted to. I don’t know if they are ready yet,” Trump said when asked at a White house press conference about a possible meeting with Rouhani.

Trump said he would have “no preconditions”, and, “If you want, I’ll meet whenever you want.”

The President has already hit instead of a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. While Trump drew bipartisan criticism for his Putin-summit – specifically for the first appearing of Putin’s denial-of-US-election-interference – accept the President managed Monday that she had a “great meeting” and stressed that he is willing to meet “anyone.”


The President was asked about Iran after he and the President of Iran traded threats earlier this month.

Rouhani had warned US that the enemy could trigger-fated policy, the “mother of all wars”, after Trump tweeted in capital letters: “never, NEVER, never let THE UNITED STATES THREATEN AGAIN, OR YOU WILL SUFFER CONSEQUENCES LIKE, very FEW OF WHOM are PRIOR SUFFERED in the COURSE of HISTORY, EVER. WE ARE NOT A COUNTRY, STAND FOR YOUR INSANE WORDS OF VIOLENCE AND DEATH. BE CAREFUL!”

Such meetings, if any, are planned, that would surely Trump to address the decision earlier this year to pull Pact calling on Iran from the Obama-era back its nuclear program in exchange for reduced sanctions. Trump has suggested he could be the cornerstone for a new nuclear deal.

Late on Monday evening, National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis said that Trump “is open to dialogue and negotiations as a means to the solution of important national security. If the Iranian regime changes its behavior and is obliged to do what is in the best interest of the people, the United States is ready to take such measures, to the end of the sanctions, to restore that full diplomatic and commercial relations, which will allow Iran to have the advanced technology and the support of the reintegration of the Iranian economy in the international economic system.

“But this relief is only possible if it is shown to be noticeable, and the continuing shifts in Tehran’s policy,” Marquis added. “Until then, the sting of the sanctions will only be more painful not to grow, if the scheme change course.”

In contrast to his tweet, Trump, and took a more balanced sound during the joint press conference on Monday, in addition to the visit of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

He said such a meeting would be to do the “appropriate thing”, and would come neither from a position of strength, not weakness. Ironically, such a meeting echoes statements made by then-candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign manner, his willingness to talk.

As for the continuation of the fallout from the Putin-summit, Trump said on Monday that sanctions against Russia “will remain as it is.”

Trump, at the press conference also reiterated his weekend, the threat of a government shutdown, if Congress conform to his ideas of border protection measures and funding for a wall.

“I would have no problem with a shutdown. It is time, the enforcement, we had said a proper border security,” Trump, as he and Conte stressed the need for strong immigration.

“I’ll always be added to game room for negotiations,” Trump later, when asked to clarify.

Asked whether his call for $25 billion for border wall a “red line,” Trump said: “I have no red line, in contrast to President Obama” – a reference to his predecessor in the notorious Declaration on chemical weapons use in Syria.

Earlier Monday, Trump approved in Italy in the handling of immigration issues, as he welcomed the country’s new Prime Minister at the White house for talks on trade and the military.

Trump said at the beginning of his meeting with the Conte, that the country has the new populist government “a very firm stance on the border”. The President said other European countries should follow, in Italy result in migration issues.

To accept Italy has pushed under Conte, the new government for the European Union, tens of thousands of migrants every year coming across the Mediterranean sea.

Trump welcomed the Prime Minister at the White house for the first time since the Italian leader came to power in June, the merger of two outsiders-the head, the populist waves in their countries.

Conte leads the Euro-skeptic coalition of the 5-star movement, which sees itself as anti-establishment and the right wing, Northern-based League party.

Fox News’ Kristin brown and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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