Trump not ‘threatens to close the border, ‘next week’ if Mexico should immediately stop the’ flood of illegal immigrants

nearvideo trump threatens to close the southern border, says Mexico and Central America to do ‘nothing’ to stop migrants

President Trump tweets a threat in the vicinity of the southern border, as CBP warns of the crisis, a breaking point has reached.’

President Trump on Friday threatened with the closure of the Southern border of the next week, if Mexico is not “immediately stop” the record rise in illegal immigrants flooding into the United States.

Trump’s warning comes as the customs and border protection officials say the March is on pace to exceed the 100,000 limit fears-the highest monthly total in a decade. According to CBP, this week alone, the agents have more than 12,000 migrants in detention.,

“The DEMOCRATS have the weakest immigration laws in us, anywhere in the world. Mexico has the strongest, and you make more than $100 billion a year in the United States,” Trump tweeted. “Therefore, the CONGRESS MUST CHANGE OUR WEAK immigration laws NOW, and Mexico to stop illegal immigration into the United States through their country, and our Southern border.”

“Mexico, for many years, made a fortune, from the USA, which is far greater than the border cost. If Mexico did not immediately stop illegal immigration into the United States, coming the[sic] our Southern border, will I be the closure of the border, or large parts of the border, next week.”

He continued: “This would be so easy to do for Mexico, but they take our money and ‘talk.’ In addition, we will lose so much money with them, especially if you add in the drug trade, etc.), close the border, it would be a good thing!”

The President of the tweet comes after similar threats earlier in the week, in the vicinity of the Southern border, with Trump accused to do Mexico and Central American countries don’t like illegal immigration.

Trump is the first of the warnings came to the following notes, the notes from US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAlleenan, who said this week that the border was at her “breaking point”, to respond that there are enough agents to cross the flow of illegal immigrants to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Breaking”, came this week to our border,” McAleenan said at a visit to the border in El Paso, Texas. “CBP is facing an unprecedented humanitarian aid and border security crisis, all of which are along the Southwest border.”

His Agency also tweeted that they saw that the highest number of “apprehensions and encounters” in over a decade this week — more than 4,000 in a day: “#CBP the highest sum, the fears and encounters saw in more than a decade on Monday, with 4,000 migrants, either fixed or encountered in ports of entry in a single day. Yesterday, the record was again broken—4,117 in a single day.”

Last month, more than 76,000 migrants were arrested, marking the highest number of apprehensions in 12 years. This number includes more than 7,000 unaccompanied children. More than 36,000 families with an immigrant background to have arrived in the El Paso region in fiscal year 2019, with approximately 2,000 at the same time last year, according to CBP data. The influx has prompted new challenges for the Border Patrol agents.

And according to new data, the number of adults crossing the border illegally with children has risen sharply. During the first four months of the year, CBP has more than 136 000 perceived to be migrants, the mark of adults and children who crossed illegally, a new record.

Meanwhile, the President of its major 2016 campaign for the construction of a wall along the American promise-Mexican border, declared a national emergency in an attempt to free funds for the barrier along the border. This month, the President, his first veto of a Democrat-backed measure granted to cancel the emergency.

To override on Tuesday, house Democrats failed to Trump’s veto, so that trump card, in order to move forward with the Problem.

Trump had declared the border, if necessary, under a law that enables him to dire displacement of budgetary funds address situations. His plan is to work the shift, an additional $3.6 billion from military construction projects to, on the border barriers. The Congress chose this year to limit the expenditure on such obstacles for less than $1.4 billion, and the Democrats accused Trump of ignoring legislators’ constitutional control over the expenditure.

Fox News Louis Casiano, Andrew O’reilly, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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