Trump, Newsom spar over California to $77B ball track

nearvideo California Gov. Newsom pulls the plug on high-speed train project

President Trump and California Gov. Gavin Newsom got in a Twitter battle of the night on Thursday the circumcision of the state’s massive high-speed rail project from Los Angeles to San Francisco, that was more than a decade behind schedule and billions in the red.

In a tweet, Trump wrote: “California was forced to cancel the massive bullet train project, after he turns spent and wasted many billions of dollars. You owe the Federal government for three and a half billion dollars. We want the money back now. The whole project is a “green” disaster!”

Newsom, a Democrat — who has said previously that it had to little oversight and insufficient transparency on the construction of the high-speed train in the nation’s most populous state-shot again 40 minutes later

The Governor wrote: “Fake news. We build high-speed railway, linking the Central Valley and beyond. This is CA be the money allocated by Congress for this project. We are not going to give it back. The train leaves the station, you better come on Board! (Also, desperately looking for some wall $$??)”


Newsom delivers his first state of the state address Tuesday, said he would shift his focus to the completion of a 171 km-long part of the pipe that is already in construction in the state’s Central Valley. The project is the key to the economic vitality of the state’s agricultural heartland, he said.

A high-speed rail line to Los Angeles and San Francisco, the goal was to connects, if the voters in a ballot measure in 2008. The nearly 520-mile line was originally estimated to cost $33 billion and was. for completion in year 2020 Officials are hoping eventually to connect the line to San Diego and Sacramento.

Later estimates more than doubled to billion, the cost of $77 and pushed the timeline 2033.


Newsom said the state risked, the return of $ 3.5 billion in Federal money, if the building is stopped, the Central Valley leg, or it is not environmental reviews. Rail leaders have long said they have enough state money to finish the line. Private investments are tied to more and more government investments.

Newsom used the speech, as well as to Problem with trump. He blasted the president’s views on immigration — Newsom called the limit case of “a manufactured crisis.”

Fox News’ Barnini Chakraborty and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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