Trump mocked Elizabeth Warren with a Wounded Knee reference on Instagram livestream

President Trump mocked the Massachusetts Democratic sen. Elizabeth Warren, the open the cracked a beer on the camera and have some questions of your followers on New Year’s Eve in a spontaneous livestream posted on Instagram, channels like social media activity of the young and the hip. (AP)

President Trump mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., about your New Year’s Eve Instagram livestream Sunday night, saying that the video had a “smash”, when it’s been done “from the Bighorn or Wounded Knee instead of your kitchen.”

Warren, 69, had announced their candidacy for the White house earlier in the day, cracked open a beer and took a few questions from your social media followers in an obvious attempt to channel the social media efforts of the younger Democratic pols such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Beto O’rourke.

Trump revived one of his favorite nickname for Warren, and even her husband, the said thrust, he would be “dressed in full Indian garb.”

“The best line in the Elizabeth Warren beer of the disaster, to her husband, ” I Thank you that you are here. I’m glad you here’,” The President said in a follow-up tweet. “It’s your house, he’s supposed to be there!”

In the video, the liberal hot porn, a craving for alcohol was: “wait a second — I’m gonna get me a beer,” she said, as she went from the point of view of the camera.

“Um, do you want a beer?” she then asked as her husband Bruce, a man who entered the room briefly.


“No, I’ll pass on a beer for now,” he replied. Then, and prosaic from the camera, as he left the kitchen, he offered a quick farewell: “Enjoy your beer.”

Trump has often Warren mocked for his assertion that Native American descent.

In October, Trump, Warren called me to apologize for the assertion of Native American heritage as part of what he called a “fraud” against the public, the mockery of their recently released DNA test as “wrong.”

The test results showed Warren probably has traces of Native American ancestry. While you lied about the results to counter allegations about the origin, with a competitive edge in science, Trump and other Republicans made it clear, how diluted, that ancestors was revealed.


At a rally in July, Trump a heritage kit joked that he would consider during a hypothetical presidential debate with Warren, slowly and throw it at her, “not to hope that it is beaten, and hurt your arm, even if it only weighs about two ounces.”

Warren visited the early primary States, New Hampshire Saturday to deliver a message of economic populism, and clean government.

This was Warren’s first visit to New Hampshire since the beginning of her exploratory Committee for the 2020 campaign. In addition to the commitment to reforms of the health care, student debt, and the minimum wage, Warren breaking news touches with a call for an end to the ongoing partial federal government shutdown, which is now the longest in American history.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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