Trump management has the goal to crack down on food-stamp ‘loophole’, deepens the ideological clash

nearvideo trump administration proposes new rule that would a few millions from the food stamp

The rule would save the taxpayer a total of over 2.5 billion US dollars in the year; Tracee Carrasco reported.

A proposed rule change for the food stamp program, presented last week by the Department of agriculture, emphasized that the ideological confrontation between President Trump tries to government entitlement programs, and efforts in some States, the expansion of the network of social security.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said the proposed rule change is to was in the vicinity of a “loophole” that the States be abused to “effectively deal with important guidelines for eligibility.”

Current Federal guidelines people, which is more than 130 percent of the poverty level of assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). have banned However, officials in many States have said that the cap was too restrictive, especially in cities with high cost of living, the invitation to circumvention of the limits.

In the case of the issuance of a Federal policy that allows people who receive benefits that qualify for other state programs, such as the Temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) to automatically SNAP. The practice of the so-called categorical eligibility to reduce duplicated papers was partly determined, and also States allows the granting of food aid to more people.

Under the Trump administration’s proposed rule change, the people qualify in each state should be entitled, you will receive a minimum of $50 a month in TANF benefits for a minimum of six months for SNAP. Subsidies for child care, employment and work in connection with Transport would still count, but the proposal would stop the States from the compound of the suitability of input of an information brochure.


The proposed amendment also stirred indignation and uncertainty in some of the country’s 36 million SNAP-to-be recipients, who were standing there, concerned.

“I think it’s pretty rotten,” said Lisa Vega, a single mother of two teenage boys in a suburb of Chicago, they lost used for food aid in the last month, after her job. Because you receive regular payments from your ex-man, Vega said, your SNAP fitness is probably the income eligibility exceptions, the Trump, executed by the administration.

“Many of these politicians don’t realize that us Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, one crisis away from homelessness,” said Vega. “You are to take this kind of stuff away from us when we need it most?”

Lawyers for the poor have said to the member States exemptions from Federal policies helped people, a gradual transition from SNAP, if you got modest increases in the work and have made it possible for seniors and people with disabilities to save money without feeling hungry. Advocates also said that the eligibility exceptions, have contributed to people like Vega, whose income slightly above the Federal threshold, but the little money left after paying high housing and utility bills.


“I think that the Trump administration is trying to make a lot of hay, how this option works in practice, draw a lot of skepticism about it,” said Nolan Downey, a lawyer at the Shriver Center on Poverty Law in Chicago, which helped Vega apply for food aid. “But I think if people have an understanding of what the result really was meant to be, it is something that seems much less doubtful.”


The loopholes came under public scrutiny last year after a self-millionaire Rob under sander called testified before the Minnesota legislature, that he and his wife, by law, received about $6,000 in SNAP-aid-count over a period of 19 months because of its considerable assets and Individual Retirement Account withdrawals against its suitability.


Under sander, and he said that he is a Trump-trailer, told The Associated Press this week he had tried to make a point — not the system the game and praised Trump administration for the proposal, eligibility standards tighten.

“I think that the States is precisely this gap, and then I think you have to abuse a loophole,” under sander said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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