Trump lambasts Dems on sanctuary cities, namely, your priority is to protect criminals’

President Trump and Minister of justice, Jeff Sessions blasted the so-called “sanctuary cities”, at a White house roundtable.


President Donald Trump on Tuesday a crack in the Democrats, the so-called “sanctuary cities” award at a White house round table on the topic of that, your priority is to protect criminals, not law-abiding Americans.

“Democrats,” the priority is not to protect criminals, to do it, what they said, right for our country,” Trump in the law enforcement roundtable.

He accused the Democrats, the Republican effort to end the “catch-and-release” and other measures, sanctuary cities, in refusing to block to cooperate with immigration enforcement officers.

During the event, Trump a number of the participants was to praise state attorney General Jeff Sessions for the Department of Justice, the work on securing the border and pushing for the enforcement of Federal immigration law. Meetings announced in this month that the judiciary impede a lawsuit against the state of California over the sanctuary policy, that the Federal immigration authority.

“Jeff, I’m going to say that the level of the strength of the Ministry of justice to this question, and on the other border problems, said was fantastic, and we appreciate it very much,” Trump.

Trump has repeatedly sessions sharply criticized on a number of issues, in particular, about his decision to recuse himself from investigations in connection with the trump campaign and the Russian interference. Trump has said he would not have rented, and meetings, if he knew what he wanted to do.

But meetings and Trump are on the same page when it comes to immigration and border protection, and the two men difficult language on the subject of ” sanctuary cities.


Meetings: We can not allow this to hinder that in California, the law

Sessions returned the praise, saying Trump was led, to the question “from day 1” and description of sanctuary policies as a “knife in the heart” in the relations between state and Federal officials.

“You are irrational, make no sense, they really are radicals on their basis,” he said of this policy. “It is a radical policy you are running.”

“The bottom of this policy, these sanctuary jurisdictions call for open borders, it is an affront to the basic Federal immigration law in America,” he said.

Democrats have claimed that such measures prevent the breakdown of families-and encourage those working in the country illegally, but otherwise according to the law, to stop authorities from criminals.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has accused the trump administration terrorizing “innocent immigrant families” with “unjust and cruel” raids in California. She is also the target of the lawsuit of the DOJ.

“The people are not said to be painted in California, the trump administration’s brazen aggression and intimidation tactic,” Pelosi. “Californians continue to be proud of our doors open to immigrants, America is more American. We will fight this dishonest action, combat, and communities, all of the cowardly attacks on our immigrant.”

But on Tuesday, the round table, there was little diversity of opinions on the topic, with well-known pro-immigration enforcement strike votes liberal policy enforcement.


California city votes to challenge sanctuary policies

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., described sanctuary countries as the “outlaw ” towns”, while Rep. Martha McSally , R-Ariz., be warned that if California continued his policy, “we may need to build a wall between California and Arizona.”


Adam Shaw is a political Reporter and occasional opinion writer for He can be reached here or on Twitter: @AdamShawNY.

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