‘Trump keeps it this way no four year full”

‘Trump keeps it this way no four year full”

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Members of the campaign team of Trump would before the elections, repeatedly have had contact with the Russian intelligence service. What is sure, what questions are still there and what are the potential consequences?

According to four American officials disclaim intercepted phone calls and transcriptions thereof to the frequent contact between officials of the campaign team and the Russians. That news brought The New York Times Wednesday. Also other employees of Trump would have been involved.

There is, moreover, not only spoken with people within the Russian intelligence services, but also with members of the Russian government.

American intelligence services intercepted the communications around the same time that they evidence sought for the perpetrators behind the hack of the Democrats were. Also here the Russians came to the fore. Looking or the campaign team of Trump samenspande with the Russians in the hack or in other ways to influence elections.

Proof of this would not have been found.

Positive about Putin

The contact with the Russians took place in the time that Trump during the election campaign positive uitliet about the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Later in the campaign showed Trump himself mentioned that he hoped that the Russian intelligence services, e-mails from Hillary Clinton had stolen and to make them public would make.

One of the advisers of Trump, who with the Russians spoke, Paul Manafort, who last year for a few months Trumps campaign chairman. He also had as a political consultant, worked in Russia and Ukraine. The officials tell The New York Times, which employees more in the phone calls have come to the fore.

Manafort himself rejects the accusations against the newspaper. “This is absurd. I have no idea what this refers to,” he said. He denies that he ever consciously have been in contact with Russian intelligence services or the Russian government.

Larger FBI investigation

The intercepted information and transcriptions according to the newspaper, part of a larger FBI investigation into the alleged ties between employees of Trump and the Russian government and to the hack for the Democrats.

It is unclear yet what has been discussed during the talks, which Russian officials have spoken and how many employees of Trump have had contact with Russia. It is also not yet clear whether the conversations had with Trump himself.

Dangerous and explosive

Nonetheless, revelations of The New York Times “dangerous and explosive”, America-kenner Charles Groenhuijsen. “It is unprecedented that a president within a month in such a precarious situation.”

There are still many questions and there is still much to be researched and proven: the most important question is what Trump knew and wánneer he knew it. “That were also in Nixon, the questions that he stumbled across. Nixon went down because he lied. And lying is something that Trump genetically built, we know after the past month.”

The campaigners of Trump were allowed no contact with the Russians maintained because Trump at that moment, the president was. “In addition, there is about gejokt. And it only feeds the speculation about the influence of the Russians on the elections, an issue that is still not really cleared up is,” explains Groenhuijsen. “Trump is not bluffing – unless anything and everything, what the serious media report is not true.”

Many barriers

About how it now goes, dare Groenhuijsen not to speculate. “There are all sorts of people ‘impeachment’ called. But make no mistake: that is the most radical means to have a problem with the president to solve. There are, by law, many barriers have been raised before so far, and rightly so.”

The position of an American president is not to be compared with that of a Dutch prime minister who is under fire. “Rutte gets after a round of political bargainings a mandate of the Second Chamber, but is not directly elected. A president has the direct mandate of the electorate. What you also Trump, that you can’t just undo.”

No predictions

Also, professor Doeko Bosscher of the University of Groningen (RuG) every prediction about the current situation is irresponsible. “I dare to predict that Trump it in this way, not four years going to hold,” says Bosscher. A lot depends on how the president is the current crisis in the White House is going to solve.
“He can still have something good to knit as it is fast that a lot around him the way forwards, including his son-in-law, Steve Over, Stephen Miller, and madam Conway. But he depends greatly on which group, so I draw my hope not.”

In that case, should the Republicans react as early as possible. “The Democrats are actually offside and can do without the Republicans do nothing. But for now, point out polls that the Republican y itself is not tremendously suffering from Trump. They will have an interest in him as soon as possible, get away and Mike Pence in the White House. If there is evidence that the involvement of Trump in the Russian conversations, I consider an impeachment no longer unthinkable.”

No second Watergate

Patients want to the question of how Pence would do as president, not to answer. “But he has, in any case, administrative experience. Trump has never been an office held, he is not even a hondenvanger been.”

The professor of contemporary history will find it is still too early to be a second ‘Watergate’ to speak. “There is now no evidence that Trump is guilty of the high crime and misdemeanor” needed for an impeachment. But the journalists of The New York Times and The Washington Post smell blood and will not rest until the bottom stone at the top.”

Self-cleaning ability

Bosscher do you think that the ‘Russian question’, the image of the USA are affected. “Now, above all, how the country with this situation is handled. If the system has a self-cleaning ability, is America stronger. I think sincerely that there are still enough Republicans who will not allow the country as a kind of bananenrepubliek is verramsjt. If they are convenient to play, it is about three months after a quick paleisrevolutie again ‘business as usual’ in Washington.”

Also Groenhuijsen notes that in the Republican camp in the criticism of Trump is very fast growing. “He isolates himself in an unbelievable pace,” says the America-kenner. “He has with his moslimban an important part of its constituency, namely the ceos of many large enterprises, are disposed of. And also with the ordinary voter, who may have been hoping that Trump put an end to their misery, his popularity rapidly returned. The results that he has promised to remain for the time being; instead, these voters only but a double dose of political intrigue, where they are so tired of.”

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