Trump Jr, steals the spotlight of Canada Trudeau as India, visited fall

Donald Trump Jr., is seen in New Delhi, India, during his business trip this week. The eldest son of President Donald Trump is looking to sell luxury apartments.

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Donald Trump Jr business trip to India this week is the unintentional effect of the risk of a random visit to the same country by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trump Jr’s arrival to the promotion of real estate deals in four cities — announced with gloss front-page ads in major Indian Newspapers read “trump arrived. You Have?” – has the attention of India media and elites drawn while Trudeau presence has barely registered by comparison.

The shops Trump Jr is inked with the promotion before his father elected in November 2016. The President promised shortly after he was in the White house, that his company wouldn’t make new third-party offers while he is in office to avoid conflicts of interest, threaten the US foreign policy.

“We are to refrain from making new offers during my father in the office. We turn down deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars around the world,” Trump, Jr., the Times of India, the describe said, as his father, the cost to the presidency of the Trump organization a lot of money in the “opportunity cost.”

The possible agreements that are not signed for over a decade now, Trump Jr said, to avoid because of his father the promise of third-party offerings. “It costs us quite a lot of money in terms of lost opportunity.”

In fact, whether the transactions finalized, it remains uncertain, the President of the oldest son said. “If he remains in office for seven more years, I don’t know if these offers remain on the table.”

The trip was expected, however, to raise some concerns, like Trump Jr, will share the stage with India’s Prime Minister Narendra modi at a New Delhi business summit, and a lecture on Indo-Pacific relations.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wave after their arrival in New Delhi, India, Feb. 17, 2018.

(Associated Press)

Trudeau, in a similar way, embarked on a week-long trip to India on Saturday a deepening of the economic relations and cooperation between the two Nations.

But modes and other top country numbers so far have largely ignored Trudeau – causing speculation that the government is deliberately snubbing him about his appointment of a Minister with alleged links to Sikh separatist movement that seeks to create a separate state for the Sikhs in India, by the armed or political struggle.

Modes not to Greet Trudeau at the airport, rather than sending a junior minister, and in spite of already half way through the trip, the Canadian PM has not even a single met senior Ministers of the government.

But Trudeau denies the friction between him and the Indian government, says a canadian news station, he met the Prime Minister “very recently.” He is also expected to speak with modi on Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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