Trump Jr clashes with Acosta over the border-wall-faux pas, on a heap of accession-

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CNN’s Jim Acosta has been mocked on social media for posting a video that was meant to downplay the President Trump the claims of the border crisis, but at the end of the support of his argument, that the limit of barriers to improving safety. Acosta is in Texas, Trump is expected to visit the border. While Acosta suggested often clashes with the President and his advisors, experts, he did the President a favor this time.

Donald Trump, Jr. got into a heated clash Thursday with Jim Acosta, he is the Twitter-army of the people, including his father, mocking the CNN correspondent for a video, not accidentally, the case for boundary wall.

Acosta, known for its dramatic flourishes, the trip under the skin of President Trump, and for getting into fights with top-trump-officials, who posted the video on a visit to the border, coinciding with the president’s.

“Here are some of the steel slat, which is spoken to the President,” said Acosta during the reporting in Texas and touch the crossbar of a wall. “But as we walk along, we see no kind of danger in delay.”


“There are no migrants that try to rush against this fence.”

Acosta explained that there is “no trace of a national emergency, the President has spoken,” and it was “quiet” in the vicinity of him. He captioned the video “I found some steel fins on the bottom of the border. But I don’t see something like a national emergency situation.. at least not in the McAllen, TX area of the border, where trump today.”

The tweet was by a chorus of ridicule, the press-Secretary Sarah Sanders, and even Trump himself-who adopted Twitter user @neon-button game as a Preface to each of Acosta’s tweet with the words “dear diary.” They argued Acosta saw an emergency, because he was supported on one section of the border that are protected by the nature of the barrier-Trump.

Trump Jr then you piled on to thank Acosta for the proof of Trump’s point”, and at the same time, creating one of the best self-your own videos at all!!!!!”

Acosta soon answered: “It is a little strange, Don. You guys seem to be saying that the current measures in the work place. This means that your father should, once again, the government and government employees back to work? #byebye.”


Trump Jr replied: “I know this might be hard to grasp for you, Jimbo, but the reason why all of Twitter is mocking you today, because they were on a part of the border WITH A WALL. So Yes, of course, it works. To replicate that across the border, and we are all safer. #RealNews #ByeBye”

A not-too-subtle finish to his point of view, the President’s son, later a meme called “Spotted: Jim Acosta playing golf earlier and today” and shows a man with a CNN-crossed retweeted logo for a face of trump as the driver in a golf cart.

“Good-bye, and goes home to Mama,” the trombone voiceover says.

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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