Trump is the front-runner for the Pentagon job, is likely Mattis’s views on Syria, Afghanistan

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Gen Mattis to step down in February; Jennifer Griffin reports.

Minister of defense of Jim Mattis, said President Trump deserves a Pentagon-leaders” whose views are better matched” with the commander-in-chief, but a search for such a person it is much more difficult, after the trump color is determined by decisions on Syria and Afghanistan.

Mattis’ resignation Thursday, effective in February, came shortly after the Trump that the US military pulls back from Syria and withdraw from Afghanistan.

While Mattis’ departure as imminent in the midst of his opposition to the army personnel changes Trump was thinking of the Syria decision has finally managed to stop him after he to convince in vain to reconsider the President, the move.


A source close to the President told Fox News that Gen. Jack Keane and sen. Tom cotton, R-Ark., to replace as the front-runner Mattis.

But none of the candidates seems likely to embrace Trump’s “America First” in foreign policy: the Two of them were against the withdrawal from Syria in the strong conditions. Trump appointment of either of them could pave the way to a repetition of the same political disagreements the President had with Mattis.


Keane, a retired four-star army general who has been also proposed a former army Deputy chief of staff — as a possible replacement for Mattis, although he has recently, he said, “the intention is to go back to in the public service.”

His name was mentioned, in October, according to Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview in which the President Mattis said was, “a kind of Democrat”, “leave soon.”

To swallow to nominate Trump, Keane, however, he would have Keane hawkish is to pull the attitude to international Affairs and his recent criticism of the movement from Syria, the general in retirement, be called “a great strategic error.”

“Clearly, we have the Obama repeat the error of premature withdrawal, the us is ISIS,” Keane said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday.

“Clearly, we have the Obama repeat the error of premature withdrawal, the us with ISIS.”

Retired Army Gen Jack Keane

“In my judgment, we must stay and finish the job,” Keane added, noting that the withdrawal of American troops “a victory of strategic proportions”, to the Iranian regime.

Keane is likely to differ from the trump decision, that some U.S. troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Last year, after the Trump administration announced the increase of troops in Afghanistan, Keane told Fox News that it will attract between 10,000 to 20,000 additional soldiers into the country to war.


“There is no doubt that will be the 4,000 useful,” he said, the additional troops. “But the real question is: Will it change the momentum of the war to our favor? My verdict is, it’s not likely.”

Keane also its opposition expressed to Trump the plans to cut the planned defense budget, saying it was a mistake. He went on to slam Mick Mulvaney, Trump act, White house chief of staff, said he is “a Fox in the henhouse,” says Politico.

Arkansas sen. Tom Cotton, the previously than for the Minister of defense or the Director of the CIA, to the White House to replace the radar to Mattis.

Meanwhile, cotton, the previously than for that of the Minister of defense or the Director of the CIA, to the White House to replace the radar to Mattis.

But just like Keane, cotton is more on the hawks in the defense establishment and called for a rethink of Trump, to move the Syria.

He signed a letter with other Republican colleagues, including U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and signed, stating your opposition to Trump the decision.

Graham’s opposition was singled out, the claims of Trump on Thursday: “The President, the senator, against the “save soldier lives & billions of $$$.”

In many ways, cotton is ballistic even more intervention as Mattis and openly suggested, possibly with military force or covert action for the elimination of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Cotton was also warned earlier this summer that she could be a premature withdrawal from Afghanistan, have a negative impact on the national security of the United States, and a resurgence of terrorist groups in the country.

“I wish that you and all the other lieutenants and captains, said, in 2001, they were-so their children would not be-might have had, that this prediction is true. But it is simply not the case,” cotton said during a hearing in regard to the next head of the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

“The enemy is still there,” he added. “And the enemy gets a vote.”

Fox News’ John Roberts and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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