Trump is increasing Border Patrol recruitment, bid, and hire thousands of new agents

in the vicinity


Border Patrol agent emphasized that the border is secure

Chris Cabrera, a spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council, responds to the death of a Border Patrol agent of the duty during a patrol in the vicinity of the border with Mexico killed in the line.

President Trump will not have his “big, beautiful” border wall, but the management is the high-speed setting of the border agent in the new year in a bid to increase security with more personnel if it is not bricks and barbed wire.

To fix up to now, the White house, to immigration issues included Trump reverse many of his predecessor, the policies driving the increase in the round-ups of illegal immigrants and the restriction of the number of refugees in the country be tolerated.

There has been some success: The number of people trying to sneak dropped across the border, to the lowest level in four decades. Illegal border crossings are down 24 percent, according to the Department of Homeland Security, in the latest statistics, released in December. While the government made the 2017 fiscal year, border agents 310,531 arrests.

A number of prototypes as for President Trump planned border wall.


During the construction of the much-vaunted border wall with Mexico, and not started still, the administration hopes to build on the statistical trend lines to rent by the implementation of a January executive order, 5,000 new Border Patrol agents.

To speed up the hires, the Federal government in the Nov. 17 awarded a massive five-year, $297-million contract to a division of Accenture. Accenture is also responsible for the recruitment of 2,000 customs officers and 500 new agents for the office of air and Marine operations.

The proposed adjustment increase is the largest since the George W. Bush administration, when Congress funded the expansion of border security after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

To recruit the latest push of 5,000 new agents, though, comes with its own set of dangers. To rent, the union is concerned about the haste, in the midst of concerns about corruption in the ranks.

Border patrol agents make an arrest.

“As long as the border Patrol continues to be a priority on the quantity of recruits rather than the quality of recruits, corruption within the border will be protection more of a problem,” the National Border Patrol Council told Fox News in a statement.

The administration occurs at a disadvantage in this task. The number of civil servants has actually decreased from 220, such as the Border Patrol continue to meet the minimum staffing quotas set by the legislature. Congress requires a force of 21,370 agents – but an employee Can count, revealed there were 19,500 agents on the job. Worse still, is that between 2013 and 2016, an average of 523-agents were hired, while another 904 left-hand side.

According to the former Department of Homeland Security watchdog John Roth, to hire more than nine months, a Border Patrol agent and about seven months need to rent an ICE officer.

Roth told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in February that a review “, – said the numerous bottlenecks in the effective setting,” and there were “inadequate systems to process and / or applicant” in the DHS.

Critics argue that, to achieve the ambitious target setting, the pool of applicants expanded, and standards could be sacrificed.

This is what happened tried in the last time the Agency, its workforce in the mid-2000s. More than 140 customs and border protection agents have been arrested or convicted of corruption charges in the past 12 years, according to a joint analysis by the Center for Investigative Reporting, The Texas Tribune.

Corrupt officials gave confidential information to cartels, accepted millions of dollars in bribes and derails billions of dollars in surveillance measures.

To combat a spike in corruption, Congress required that all new recruits to lie-detector tests.

That didn’t work out so well.

The Associated Press reported in January that 65 percent of applicants pass the test – more than double the average rate of eight law enforcement authorities.

Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst for The Cato Institute, says a mass of rental agents is not an effective way to beef up border security and that Congress the address DHS-Personal-problems ” before hiring a new agent, or the further reduction of the hire-standards.” He instead calls for more investigators.

“The most critical recommendation is the setting enough CBP OPR investigators, the office is both fully operational and has substantially its backlog of cases is reduced,” he said.

But the Trump administration claims to have more boots on the ground to patrol the borders is the way to go.

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