Trump is according to NATO leader is fully behind the alliance

Trump is according to NATO leader is fully behind the alliance

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NATO chief Jens) is convinced that the American president Donald Trump fully behind the NATO and the principle of the common defense. That’s what he said Thursday night after the end of the NATO summit in Brussels.

“He was blunt in his demand that the allies get more money on defence spending, but at the same time, he was it clear that the United States is bound to feel to the alliance”, says). He pointed out that the U.S. more money will be put into the defence of Europe.

The secretary-general tilde is not heavy on the fact that Trump, in a break with tradition, are not overtly bound stated in article 5 of the NATO treaty, which the member states undertake to assist each other if one of them is attacked.

The fact that Trump for the beginning of the top of a monument unveiled in memory of the attacks of september 11, 2001, when article 5 was first invoked, it is according to) enough proof that Trump is bound to feel to the NATO principles.

Donald Trump in Brussels

Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon arrived in Brussels.

For the visit of the American president to the Belgian capital, there are additional security measures.

Donald Trump with the presidents of the European Council and the European commission, Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker.

Thursday is Trump attended the NATO meeting in Brussels. Later leaves the president to Sicily for a G7 meeting.

The NATO of the future should, according to the president of focus, against “terrorism, migration and the threat from Russia”.

In his speech, asked Trump a few moments of silence for the victims of the attack in Manchester.

Trump speaks with British prime minister Theresa May.

Prime minister Mark Rutte at the NATO summit.

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Prime minister Mark Rutte has Thursday at the NATO summit in Brussels a “good dialogue” with Donald Trump. “I’m going to have a good relationship with him to build.”

On the question of what he thought of Trumps “boorish behavior,” said Rutte that he does not want to review. “That has absolutely no meaning. Each country chooses its own head of state.” The atmosphere of the dining room was also not frosty, was the prime minister.

Trump threatened earlier that the US has less contribution to the NATO member states the 2 procentnorm. That said, he also now, says minister Jeanine Hennis of Defense.

For the Netherlands this means that around 6 billion euros per year for defence. “That will be in the formation is an important topic. I have said that I am that we are there step by step to go to work. You can’t do it in a time issue,” said Rutte.

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Thursday night flew Home from Brussels to Sicily. Are landed at the military air base in Sigonella, then vlieft Trump flies with a helicopter continue to Taormina, the city where the summit of the G7 is taking place. The G7 is the last stop on Trumps first foreign trip as president of the USA.

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