Trump is a “first fascist president,” a Drexel professor claims

Drexel University Professor labeled President Trump as the “first fascist president” in an op-ed for the school of the student newspaper.

A history professor at the Drexel University beat President Trump as the “first fascist president” and compared him with Hitler, The College Fix reported.

In a controversial op-ed for the Philadelphia college student newspaper, Professor Robert Zaller said Trump’s presidency, “this country is in the deepest and most horrible problems that any of us have known.”

Trump has “remolded” America, according to the Drexel educator, as “a beleaguered master race, is threatened by invaders who would usurp its wealth, destroying its character and pollute the gene pool.”


Zaller wrote that Trump of the plot is to take of the “so-called ‘deep state'” and “drive the plotters out of their dark corners” to “dismantle the state itself, leaving only the Leader, Trump himself, in command.”

The history professor described Trump as taking a “hammer blow” for the different branches of the government, with the help of the “fake news” label to spread propaganda, and the aim to destroy democracy, not only in America, but all over the world.

“No political leader since Hitler has taken a more deliberate pursuit of other democracies as his own,” Zaller wrote, adding that Trump has done by “insulting their leaders, and mocking their societies, and a flat-out lie” about their countries.


“At the same time,” he said, “Trump has, one by one, embraced the world’s most unpleasant despots. They are, in fact, his chin, and if he is still not able to rub opponents, the launch of massacres and run gulags, it’s not for lack of ambition”, that can be summed up in Trump’s embrace of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Drexel University told Fox News in a statement to the opinion piece by Zaller “do not represent the views of the university.” But Drexel was the professor in the midst of his controversial comments.

“Drexel vigorously supports the right of teachers and students to freely express their opinion in the course of the academic debate and discussion,” the university said.

Last year, controversial far-left professor George Ciccariello-Maher – known for making inflammatory comments on social media resigned from Drexel.

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