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Trump May be interested in say they are, together on the trade offer

Addressing reporters in the UK, the President says, he believes that a trade deal will be possible, after the discussion of Brexit the prime minster.

President Trump and the British Prime Minister, Theresa May promised full cooperation on trade and other issues Friday, easing of tensions, following Trump’s explosive interview in which he criticised their handling of the ‘Brexit’, and called into question a US-UK trade deal.

In a joint press conference outside of London, have announced that the two politicians to work together the relations between their countries and a commitment to issues of national security, terrorism, border security and trade.

Despite his interview with The sun, Trump said he supported that decision Might be with regard to the Brexit, the United Kingdom, the withdrawal from the European Union.

“As soon as the Brexit process is completed—and perhaps the UK left the EU, I know what you should do, is fine with us,” Trump. “Only together will ensure that we can act. That’s all that matters.”

Both leaders said their countries would work a trade offer.

“We will deal a trade with them and with others around the world,” May said. She said she and Trump an “ambitious agreement that works for both countries” , would the British independent trade policy.

Trump thanked May for “the fair and reciprocal trade” with the United States

Trump has also tried to soothe tensions with his interview comments, he says “don’t criticize the Prime Minister” and hits the article-to the left of the “big things,” he said to may. He said, his helpers have a tape of this interview, suggesting it could be released.

Besides, he called it an “incredible woman” and “tough negotiator,” who is a “fantastic job.”

Trump later, their relationship is called “the highest level of the particular,” and added, “I would much rather have you as my friend than my enemy, I can tell you that.”

He instead reserved his most trenchant criticism for Germany’s Angela Merkel, the continuation of the hammer you have to deal on a natural gas pipeline with Russia.

“I think it’s a terrible thing that Germany should do,” he said.

The press conference comes after Trump’s bombshell interview with The sun, in which trump doubled down on the criticism of the Mai approach to the treatment of Britain’s departure from the European Union.

In this interview, Trump said that May be the new, softer approach to Brexit—is leaving the UK to stick to a “single rulebook” with Brussels on the goods—would kill the chances of a sought-after USA-UK-trade-deal.

Trump has praise in the interview, but also the Prime Minister proposed to take his advice on Brexit, what he said was “okay.”

“I think it would be very different. I told actually, Theresa May, how they do it, but they did not agree, you wouldn’t listen to me,” Trump said that the negotiations are already “too long.”

Trump’s comments are a blow for may, the fight for their political life after the announcement of their plan on Brexit to her Cabinet last week. This announcement has sparked some high-level resignations, including the foreign Minister, Boris Johnson and Leakage Secretary David Davis.

Trump also praises Johnson and described him as his “friend”.

“I’m not pitting one against the other,” Trump Johnson and may said. “I’m just saying that he [Johnson] would be a great Prime Minister. I think he has what it takes.”

The interview was conducted by a large number of unpleasant questions for the may at the press conference on Friday, but she seemed to brush off the comments, at least publicly.

The White house quickly sent out a statement in the course of the Interviews, play connections, between may and trump.

“The President and respected Prime Minister you Can a lot like. As he said in his interview with the sun, ‘is a very good man”, and he never said anything bad about your “” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said. “He thought she was great on the NATO today, and is a really great person. He is grateful for the wonderful welcome of the Prime Minister here in the UK”

The two leaders also discussed a mutual commitment to stop nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Iran and terrorism.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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