Trump in Saudi Arabia started on first foreign trip

Trump in Saudi Arabia started on first foreign trip

The American president Donald Trump is Saturday morning arrived in Saudi Arabia. Together with his wife, Melania he stepped off the presidential plane at the airport of the capital Riyadh.

The bottom of the stairs he was met and greeted by the Saudi king Salman, so it was on the images of international media to see.

The White House announced that Trump expected to produce any tangible results in the fight against muslim terrorism. During the visit of Trump opens Saudi Arabia a centre where digital activities of Islamic State and other terrorist groups are monitored.

Trump is the first American president to a country where the majority of the population is muslim, chooses first bezoekland. According to the White House wants Trump with this choice for “peace, progress and prosperity.

According to king Salman boosts the visit of Trump the strategic cooperation between the two countries. The king has Trump during the visit, a distinction given.

Melania is wearing at the visit is not to wear a headscarf. Trump mentioned it in 2015 is still an “insult” when Michelle Obama, no head covering wore during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Arms deal

It is expected that arrangements for an arms deal of 100 billion dollars (89 billion euros). The US would then tanks, ships and missile systems to the country of supply.

Saudi Arabia fights since 2015 against the houthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen. The country has Friday a ballistic missile was intercepted that was meant for the capital.


This is Donald Trump doing on his first foreign trip

Foreign travel

Saudi Arabia is the first country that He visited during his first foreign trip as president of the USA. He also goes to Israel, the Vatican, Belgium and Sicily.

While Trump overseas, it throws the crisis surrounding his person a shadow over the trip. The resignation of the head of the FBI, James Comey, and the appointment of a special prosecutor that the ties between the campaign of Trump and Russia are going to explore provide for a range of publications about the president.

Trump in Saudi Arabia

The American president Donald Trump is Saturday morning arrived in Saudi Arabia.

Children bring flowers to president Trump.

King Salman gives Trump a distinction.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner traveling with the president.

Trump and his wife Melania steps off the plane.

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