Trump immigration reform a “large” proposal, even though Dems Director says is likely to pan plan, ex-ICE cream-

nearvideo former ICE Deputy Director, praises Trump immigration reform plan for the implementation of the border security front and center

The democratic congressional senior leadership has not offered up any ideas for securing the border, says Fox News contributor, Tom Homann, a former managing Director of ICE.

President Trump’s new immigration reform proposal a “big plan”, but the democratic leadership against the measure, because it attempts against the White house, securing the southern border, the former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homann said on “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday.

“I was informed about [Trump’s] plan, and I liked what I heard,” Homan told host Bill Hemmer. “And, front and center, the number one of the six branches [of the proposal] is the border security.”

Homann said that Trump’s proposal correctly addresses “closing the gaps” that allowed what he escalate “the crisis at the border”.


He added that the top leadership in the Democratic party has been “against everything to secure the border.”

“You have not offered up an Update on the current crisis at the border,” he said. “Not a thing you have offered to help curb illegal immigration at the border.”


Homann suggested that the Democrats want what he supports as a Republican pairing that with border security and expanding legal immigration.

“[This is] the right thing to do,” he said, adding that Trump’s plan accounts for “family-based immigration”, but it focuses on the immediate “nuclear” family members rather than “cousins and step-fathers.”


Homann also said that the information technology industry fill the longing for more professionals to open positions in the field.

“You need to develop more talent and the I. T. infrastructure,” he said, adding that there are people who want to immigrate to America to work in technology.

Homan added that he also wants to see the fight against MS-13 gang more in places like Los Angeles and in New York State.

Trump revealed his long-awaited immigration overhaul Thursday in the White House Rose Garden. It would change dramatically, as the United States accepted, people in the country, a shift in the system in order to favor the attendance figures on the basis of merit rather than family ties.

To turn “if adopted, our plan for America’s immigration system, in the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world,” Trump said in his speech.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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