Trump: I’m waiting ‘in the White house for the Dems to negotiate, on a protracted shutdown

nearvideo President Trump is trying to pressure Democrats to support the financing of a border wall and the end of the government shutdown now in the second week.

President Trump on Saturday said that he was in the White house waiting for the Democrats to come to the table to negotiate funding for a wall on the southern border as a way to end the partial government shutdown — at an impasse now in the second week.

“I’m waiting in the White house for the Democrats come in and make a deal with the border security. From what I hear, you spend so much time on the presidential harassment, you have little time for things such as stopping crime, and our military!”, he said in a tweet.


The partial shutdown began last Saturday at midnight, after Republicans and Democrats were able to package a financing that would keep the government open and Fund Trump border wall. Trump had demanded about $5 billion in funding for the wall, but the Democrats have so far refused to go over $1.3 billion for more border security.

While the shutdown is a week, there are no signs of it ending in the foreseeable future. The Congress is also outside of the meetings to 3. January, the start of the new Congress, and lawmakers are expected to meet in short sessions, no solution to the shutdown.

A member of the house Republican leadership told Fox News on Thursday that a resolution to show up until after the new year.

But the New year also some movements, like the is, when people start for the holiday, the attention to the news, and escalate if the pain of the shutdown begins.

It could be protests in the hall, and the mood — which force, in turn, could help could change in DC that a decision.

Democrats are likely to move a bill to Fund the government at the end of the next week, while the Republicans Trump take the argument that the Democrats are weak on border security and incoming speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the Problem.


Trump has said in the meantime, hardening his rhetoric, and on Saturday, the Democrats, the Republicans do not deliver the votes they need in the Senate, for the border security.

“Now we have to it the hard way, with a Shutdown,” he tweeted. Too bad!

Mick Mulvaney, Trump incoming acting chief of staff, claimed on Friday on “Fox & Friends” that it seemed, Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer is interested in a deal, but speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi, is to prevent him. He alleged Democrats, the handling is not to wait because Pelosi is up to you to secure the speakership.


“We do not believe that [negotiate] until after the new Congress is sworn in,” he said.

But Pelosi has denied claims that it had a counter-offer.

“Democrats, Republicans have offered three options to re-open government, all the funding for a strong, meaningful and effective border security – but not the President is immoral, ineffective, and expensive the wall,” said Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff. “With the house majority, the Democrats will act quickly, by the end of the Trump shut down, and fight for a strategic, robust national security policy, including the strong and smart border security, and strong support for our servicemembers and veterans.”

Fox News’ Chad Pergram and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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