Trump holds Q&A, discussion, jobs, Russia, Israel


PALM BEACH, Fla. President-elect Donald Trump hailed the return of 8,000 jobs in the United States and hailed its transition talks with US President Barack Obama in a series of comments, the detailed interaction he had with journalists since before the election.

In one of his guest appearances Wednesday on the steps outside his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump announced plans to bring the plans of a Japanese mogul, jobs in the United States. You could create the first of the promised 50,000 jobs, the tech billionaire Masayoshi Son, according to a meeting with the President-elect, at the earliest, in December.

In the Grand scheme of the economy, the jobs, the announcement is unlikely to have a significant impact. However, it is another example to stir up the like Trump is trying, and the voters believe he is actively fighting for your well-being.

Son of the founder and CEO of SoftBank, one of Japan’s largest technology outfits. He owns the U.S. mobile provider Sprint, the Trump said Wednesday would be moving 5,000 jobs back to the United States. Son also controls OneWeb, Trump said that 3,000 workers.

It was unclear whether the President-elect, refer to the Dec. 6 commitment of the son to invest $50 billion in the United States and create 50,000 jobs.

Trump said the addition of 8,000 jobs “, because of what is happening, and the spirit and the hope.”

Nevertheless, the US labour market is robust, very for 2016. Employers, more than 2.2 million jobs have been added in the last 12 months-a sign of economic health, which is older than a trump presidential victory.

Sprint has, since its 2013 acquisition by SoftBank The carrier shed with approximately 9,000 employees between 2012 and 2016, reducing his employees to 30,000, according to the annual reports.

Sprint Chief Executive Marcelo Claure said in a statement that the company is “working excited” with trump.

“We believe it is crucial for the economy and government to partner to more job opportunities in the USA and ensure prosperity for all Americans,” said Claure.

The Sprint-jobs announcement came after tensions rose and fell on Wednesday between Trump and Barack Obama. Trump has made it clear that it is not good with him, when Obama boasted recently that he would have won the election if he runs.

Trump later appeared once more on Wednesday evening at the Mar-a-Lago steps, this time alongside the legendary boxing entrepreneur Don King, which has become one of several guests attending a dinner party. The king wore about a dozen flags, including those of the United States and Israel; wore two big diamond necklace, with a pendant with the star of David and one with the American flag; and was wearing a large pin with a picture of trump.

With king at his side, Trump days released tense versions of the outgoing and incoming presidents about who would win, if you hypothetically against each other, and he said that he and Obama had “a very, very good lecture.”

“We talked about him and smiled on him, and no one will ever know because we never go against each other,” Trump said.

Prior to that, he had to throw accused Obama to “inflammatory” roadblocks during the transition of power and said his administration was the treatment in Israel with “complete contempt.”

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Obama called Trump. “Today’s call, like the others, because the choice was positive and to continue to ensure a smooth and effective transition,” Schultz said. “The President and President-elect committed to stay in contact over the next several weeks.”

Trump also took issue with the Obama administration to block the decision by a un security Council resolution critical of Israeli settlements.

He told reporters that Israel will be treated “very, very unfair,” maintaining that countries, the “horrible places” reprimanded never. He refused to answer directly a question, whether Israel should stop settlements being built, he says that he is “very, very strong on Israel.”

He evaded a direct reply when asked about accusations that Russia, the US hacked-election, namely, Computer “complicated life.”

“We have not said the kind of security we need,” Trump, adding, “Nobody knows what’s going on.” He said he believed, “we must on with our lives.”

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