Trump had it says to Comey from ‘Day One’ on the ‘soap opera’ style, Priebus

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James Comey suggests the release of the FISA memo

Former DOJ official, Tom Dupree, an insight into ‘their world’.

As President Trump, James Comey displaced from the tip to the FBI last may, it sparked a political disaster, with charges flying of obstruction of justice, and the appointment soon after of a special Council, who because of allegations against a number of Trump’s employees.

But in a recent interview, the former chief of the General staff, Reince Priebus, Trump, his “soap-opera” approach of the investigations, it was said, taking into account the firing of the FBI Director of “day One” tired.

“He had thought to get rid of Comey weeks before the opening,” Priebus, the journalist Chris Whipple said to an updated version of his book “The gatekeeper: How the White House Chiefs of Staff of Each presidency to Define.” “It was not just a topic that came out of the blue. The President was wrestling with this from the first day.”

Fox News received an advance copy of the book, in the beginning of March. An adapted passage from “The gatekeepers” was released last week in Vanity Fair, but not Comey’s comments.

In the new Chapter on the trump administration, Priebus, and others light on how Trump arrived, what some consider, the fateful moment of his presidency so far.

Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon spoke in detail about her time in the White house for a new edition of ” The Gatekeeper.’


Priebus said Whipple, that Trump had the Problem with Comey and more to do with his alleged showboating as the Russia-investigation (although the book presents, it was Comey informed the new President on the controversial dossier, with lewd and unconfirmed allegations against him).


“I’m just telling you I know what he’s thinking,” Priebus said. “It’s not the fact that you with a case study on the Russia stuff, even though he hates them. But what he hated even more that he believes that Comey takes a normal investigation and turns it into a daily soap opera.”

“It was not just a topic that came out of the blue. The President had to wrestle with this from the first day.’

– Reince Priebus, on Comey, the burn is

Comey, safety is achieved, in a forthcoming book of his own, were smashed by both Trump and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton win upset since Trump.

Clinton is still partially at fault Comey for your loss, to proclaim citing its decision, the office was a re-E-Mail-inquiry in the last days of the race to pick up on, just close to it.

Priebus said the last straw for Trump, after Comey’s Senate judiciary Committee testimony in early may 2017. Whipple’s account points to Comey’s comment during the hearing that he felt “slightly disgusted” at the idea he would have swayed the election in 2016.

“This is said to have been quoted, if it was kicked into high gear,” an unnamed Trump trusted.

According to this source, Trump came back from his golf club in Bedminster, N. J., and said, “We have to get rid of Comey.”

Trump reportedly was determined to say: “I’m doing this, so try not to talk to me.”

The book and the passage in the published last week in Vanity Fair, describes the resulting chaos in the White house, Priebus, and the other, the dismissal, without success, trying to Stand. According to the report, state attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to withdraw, but Priebus confronted him and pleaded with him.

According to Whipple, meetings, a resignation delivered letter, but Priebus said he’s convinced trump.

Sessions’ resignation threat, which followed, apparently, a humiliating dressing-down by the President, who had emerged in the published reports, but not in this detail.

In the midst of a present storm of fire on the White house chief of staff John Kelly entered the processing by Rob Porter – the staff Secretary, earlier this month after allegations of domestic violence, the book also contains some insightful comments from the former chief strategist Steve Bannon about the man who ultimately replaced Priebus.

While much has been written about Kelly’s job in danger in the midst of the Porter fiasco, BANNERT, the President struck the deceased father and his deceased father’s expectations for his own son – embodied in the retired general.

“Kelly, Fred Trump is speaking from beyond the grave to his son,” said Bannon Whipple for the book. “John Kelly is the man Fred Trump always wanted to be Donald Trump. Gary Cooper—not a brag, just the facts, no self-promotion, an American hero.”

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