Trump gives U.s. forces command transgender people to fend off

Trump gives U.s. forces command transgender people to fend off

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The American president Donald Trump has Friday (local time), a policy document signed, in which the armed forces are officially instructed not transgender recruits.

The use of regeringsgeld for operative geslachtsveranderingen for military personnel must stop immediately, unless that process is already happening.

The transgenderban was at the end of July the president announced on Twitter. The military leadership in the Pentagon had know then nothing will do without official assignment.

The American military forces is currently estimated to be more than fifteen thousand transgender people in active service.

What will happen to them is not yet clear. The presidential memorandum gives minister of Defense James Mattis command the coming months, the functioning of transgender soldiers to investigate. On the basis of criteria such as “military effectiveness and lethality”, budgeting and the American law must be determined whether they are in service.

Mattis for February 21, 2018 with concrete plans to come to the new policy on transgender soldiers.

‘Great unrest’

President Trump made last month all clear that he prefer that no transgender people in the armed forces see. Their presence would be too costly and “great unrest” cause.

The decision of the president is controversial in the Us army. At the beginning of August protested 56 authoritative ex-generals in a letter against the proposed ban. Trade unions for military personnel have also not a good word to say about the decision.

Five transgender soldiers stepped out earlier this month to the court for the transgenderban to fight. They want the ban as unconstitutional is identified and blocked. It is not yet known when the case will be handled.

Experts consider it likely that there will be more lawsuits over the ban will follow.


Protest in New York against decision Trump transgender people ward off from army


The order puts an end to the policy change compared to transgendermilitairen, under Trumps predecessor Barack Obama were used.

In 2016, the military leadership in the Pentagon that transgendermilitairen from that moment openly for their gender might come true. In service as an overt transgender would be expected to be possible this year.

According to a White House spokesman took the Trump of his decision because Obama, in its opinion, has not been demonstrated that the old prohibition had to disappear.

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