Trump fundraiser accuses Qatar, lobbyists via E-Mail to hack

President Donald Trump goes on the South Lawn of the White house in Washington, Friday, 23. March 2018, on the way to the sea for a short trip to Andrews Air Force Base. Trump the heading for Florida, where he will spend the weekend at the Mar-a-Lago estate. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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WASHINGTON – A top fundraiser for President, Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Monday against the state of Qatar and lobbyists working for Qatar, with the statement you are hacked and of his wife the E-Mails as part of an ongoing battle between the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Elliott Broidy and Robin Rosenzweig, his wife, claim that a Hacker broke from Qatar in your E-Mail accounts at the beginning of the year and Qatar, the lobbying team in Washington, expressed the E-Mails to journalists around the city in an attempt to discredit Broidy.

The Embassy of Qatar, said in a statement that the lawsuit was “without merit or fact” and is “a transparent attempt to divert attention from the US media reports about its activities.”

The lawsuit is the latest salvo in a constant struggle with the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and a host of Washington power-players. Agents work with special counsel Robert Mueller fixed Broidy taken the business partner, George Nader, at the Dulles International Airport in January. Nader agreed to cooperate with investigators.

The Associated Press reported Monday that Nader wired had $ 2.5 million by Canada for an impact of the campaign Broidy coordination in Washington, the accused Qatar, a state sponsor of terrorism.

“We believe that the evidence is clear that a state leads to a sophisticated disinformation campaign against me, to silence me, including the hacking of E-Mails, forging documents and espionage, and numerous other illegal activities,” Broidy said in a statement Monday. “We believe it is also clear that I have been attacked because of my strong political views against Qatar, the state-sponsored terrorism and double-dealing.”

The statement of the Embassy of Qatar, issued by the media attache Jassim Al-Thani, said: “It is Mr. Broidy, Qatar, developed and orchestrated nefarious activities to influence the Congress and American foreign policy. It does not matter how many event places, Mr. Broidy not published his false accusations, she is to the truth.”

Shortly after journalists began to ask questions about the hacked E-Mails, Broidy hired a team of cyber security experts investigating the hack.

In the lawsuit, Broidy throws a Republican lobbyist for Qatar, Nick mucin, spread the hacked E-Mails of journalists.

“Mr. Broidy’s lawsuit is an obvious attempt to divert attention from his controversial work, and is as thin as the promises he allegedly made to its customers,” said mucin, in a statement. “I’m proud of the work my firm performed, with Qatar and look forward to continue to support a peaceful dialogue and progress in the Middle East.”

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