Trump folds on the flag

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Eric Shawn: President Trump and Senator McCain

Behind the complex and contentious political history.

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On the roster: Trump folds on the flag Trump makes big push for DeSantis on primary Eva key betrayal of Kansas Governor race – 525 days and counting: rattles Iowa’s Democrats set caucus date – Sir, is the expression ” when life gives you lemons…’

USA Today: “The U.S. flag over the White house brought back, to half staff on Monday afternoon, after an outcry over the decision to charge, it only two days after the death of Arizona Sen. John McCain , In his first official statement on McCain the death of President Donald Trump said that he respected McCain’s service, and ordered the flags down again. … In the midst of an outpouring of praise for McCain – a former prisoner of war, a long-time legislator and two-time GOP presidential candidate Trump is just a short statement about the senator’s death, offering condolences to his family on Twitter, but no words of praise for McCain. The two had a long history of mutual contempt. Monday, veterans groups have criticized the decision to lower the flag for just two days.”

Trump declined to praise McCain – WaPo: “President Trump nixed the issuance of a statement, praised the heroism and the life of Sen. John McCain, says senior aides, he preferred the topic of a tweet, the front of the publication on a Saturday night, which has no nice words for the late Arizona Republican. Press-Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly and other White House aides pleaded for an official statement, the decorated Vietnam war POW applause for his military and Senate service and called him a “hero,” current and former White House aides, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive internal deliberations. The original written statement before McCain died on Saturday, and Sanders, and other edits, the final version this weekend that was prepared for the President, the aide said. But Trump told aides he wanted to, instead of after a short tweet, and the statement praised McCain’s life was free.”

Memorial agreements –
AP: “Sen. John McCain’s service to his country began more than six decades at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, where it will end up in a cemetery with a view of Maryland’s Severn River. … Plans called for McCain to lie in state Wednesday in the Arizona State Capitol, what would have been his 82. Birthday. A funeral will be Thursday at the North Phoenix Baptist Church with the former Vice-President Joe Biden to speak. In Washington, McCain Rotunda with a formal ceremony and the time lie in state Friday in the Capitol to pay for the public, respects. On Saturday, a procession past the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and come for a funeral at the Washington National Cathedral. The former President George W. Bush , and Barack Obama is expected to speak at the service. A private funeral is planned for Sunday afternoon at the naval Academy chapel, followed by a private burial at the Academy cemetery.”

Ariz. Governor proclaim McCain’s successor after the funeral – WaPo: “Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will not announce a replacement for the deceased senator, John McCain, until he is laid to rest, a spokesman for the Governor said Sunday. … And “the respect for the life and legacy of Senator John McCain and his family, Governor Ducey not have any announcements about a date until after the senator is laid to rest,” said Daniel Ruiz, a spokesman for Ducey. ‘Now is a time for remembering and worship of a result is a lived-life is good.’ … State law requires, to appoint Ducey, someone from McCain’s party to fill the seat. The Governor, a Republican, is running for re-election this year, has decided, from the term itself. But he has otherwise remained silent on the decision. Arizona Republicans have mentioned, a long list of potential successors — a list of McCain’s widow, Cindy; Ducey’s chief of staff, Kirk Adams; state Treasurer Eileen Small; former Congressman John Shadegg; and former U.S. senator Jon Kyl, who has helped the Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh to navigate the Senate confirmation process.”

Dems remind McCain – Fox News: “In his more than three decades of service on Capitol Hill, Sen., John McCain was known for many things: his devotion to the United States, his passion and his temper, his strong beliefs, and, perhaps above all, his ability to work across the aisle to get results. This devotion to bipartisanship was tested on full display in the hours after McCain’s death… ‘ Few of us, such as John once was, or to show required the kind of courage that he has done,’ the Former President Barack Obama said in a statement.”

“Fortunately for America, happily, we trust, for the whole human race, [the leader of the Revolution] pursued a new and more noble course. They achieved a revolution which has no parallel in the annals of human society.” – James Madison, Federalist No. 14

USA Today: “at its core, the Americans have changed – at least when it comes to your apple settings. The Red Delicious apple is likely to be a perch lose their title as the most popular apple in this year he held for more than half a century. The U.S. Apple Association is the projection that the Gala Apple is usurp, the Red Delicious for the top spot. The group, which predicts the advocates on behalf of 7,500 apple growers, and 400 companies in the apple business, that the United States would grow, 52.4 million Gala apples in 2018, up 5.9 percent from a year earlier. Red Delicious apple is expected to the production in the clothes dryer 10.7 percent to 51.7 million consumers apparently like, the Gala “taste, texture, and sweetness,” the U.S. Apple Association, said in a statement. ‘The increase in the production of newer varieties of apples is intended for the fresh consumption in domestic market has the demand for Red Delicious to decline,” said Mark Seetin, the Association’s head of regulatory and industry Affairs.”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval:
42.8 Percent
The average of the rejection: 52.8 percent
Net Score: -10 Points
The exchange of one week: 1 point
[Average includes: NBC/WSJ: 44% approve – 52% lean; Gallup: 41% approve – 54% lean; Fox News: 45% approve – 53% reject; Monmouth University: 43% approve – 51% oppose; Quinnipiac University: 41% approve – 54% disapprove.]

Control of the house
Republican Average:
41.2 Percent
Democratic Average: 50 Percent
Advantage: Democrats plus of 8.8 points
Change from a week ago: the democratic advantage is up to 1.8 points
[Average includes: NBC/WSJ: 50% Dems 42% GOP; Fox News: 49% Dems 38% GOP; the Monmouth-University: 48% Dems 43% GOP; Quinnipiac University: 51% Dems 42% GOP; CNN: 52% Dems 41% GOP.]

Orlando Sentinel: “President Donald Trump is hoping to deliver victory to U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis in the Tuesday’s Republican gubernatorial primary. He took out a mobile phone message sent to the GOP-voters on Monday, a day before they head to the polls. “I love Florida,’ Trump says in the message, paid for by Ron DeSantis for the Governor. ‘I fully support Ron in tomorrow’s election. Ron is a strong, solid, conservative. He stood with me, the wall build is in the build now, fight crime and cut taxes.’ … ‘Congressman Ron DeSantis is a special person, who has done fabulous work,’ the President wrote. … DeSantis’ opponent, agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, has said he supports trump the agenda, if you are trying to portray DeSantis as out of touch with the Florida-specific problems.”

The race looks tight – LAT: “With only days to go to the Tuesday primary, Florida Atlantic University poll of likely Republican voters released last week has the race of the two leading candidates, almost on a par with DeSantis at 32% and Putnam at 31%. About 22% were undecided. Putnam is the only fight is the latest well-connected establishment Republican, after Trump backed a rival in a state primary race. Already Trumps Twitter posts push-longshot GOP candidates have been helped to victory in a number of Southern and Midwestern States.”

Dems Duke it out for the Governor strong – Fox News: “As the campaign speeches and bus tours draw to an end, all five Democratic candidates will battle it out for Florida GOP Gov. Rick Scott‘s seat, scrambling for every last vote before Tuesday’s primary. …. But Fox News rates the race for the vacant place a “toss-up” in November, as the Democrats eye a possible pick-up. … On the Democratic side, former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham has a steady lead over the former Miami Beach mayor Philip Levine, the Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum and Orlando businessman Chris King.”

Ahead in the polls, McSally looks on Tuesday of last week – Politico: “Republicans hope, a year after the intra-party warfare behind them in the on Tuesday in the Arizona Senate primary, as they defend a crucial battleground state that fueled Democratic hopes of winning the Senate majority. Rep. Martha McSally is expected to capture the GOP nomination, according to every public survey of a long and unpredictable primary. … McSally was the preferred candidate of most of the Republicans in Washington, but it has been persistent throughout the year by two hardline challengers: former state Sen. Kelli Ward and the former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. [In] a map of the trust last week, McSally turned their attention to the Democratic Republic of Kyrsten Sinema, who faced only minor primary opposition and has spent the year positioning himself as a bipartisan dealmaker in preparation for the Federal election.”

Topeka Capital Journal: “Republican Gov. Jeff Colyer‘s former Chairman of the campaign and one of the state’s prominent agriculture leaders Monday agreed to serve as co-chair of the candidate Greg Orman‘s independent bid for Governor of Kansas. Steve Baccus, a longtime President of the Kansas Farm Bureau, went over to the Republican gubernatorial nominee Kris Kobach to endorse and agree to work for the election of Orman, a Johnson County businessman. Baccus “the opportunity to ner with Kobach, Orman or three other a campaign for Governor followed Colyer’s razor-thin loss in the Aug. 7 primary. “I made it clear when I joined the Governor Colyer’s campaign, I believed that Kansas needed a leader who was committed to the state,” Baccus said. ‘While my candidate did not work out in the primary election, I remain committed to ensuring that Kansas is the best leader possible.'”

Nelson choke is? – Politically: “[Sen. Bill Nelson] easy trails Gov. Rick Scott, although President Donald Trump hardly worn, in Florida, while Manchin leads to a state of Trump, won with 42 points. Privately, a number of Democratic senators have offered their unwanted ads, the Nelson is in for a reckoning on the day of the election, which would cost the Democrats any hope of winning back the Senate. Nelson is a classic old-school senator, holds his head and makes his work, and which is effective in the capital, but less in a Trump-era campaign in the most expensive battleground state. It will do a lot in terms of financial, and there are fears in Florida, the national party could get rid of cutting him, if there is a loss in the expensive Sunshine State. And Florida Democrats don’t fret, the low-key third-term senator, was visible enough, while Scott is seemingly everywhere.”

Des Moines Register: “Iowa is set to run once, from the Democratic party presidential nomination process with its first-in-the-nation Caucasus: The Democratic National Committee, scheduled for Saturday party of the group meetings, for Feb. 3, 2020. The DNC also approved new recommendations from a panel, known as the unity, the Reform of the Commission, which are designed to increase voter participation and bring transparency in the caucus process. ‘We feel very good about the rules, which were adopted today, and the goals that the DNC created with the implementation of some of the changes to the group sessions,” said Iowa Democratic party Chairman Troy price. Price said the goal is for the Democrats and the Republicans hold everyone to your group meetings in the same night, in the year 2020, as they have done for decades. He said he hopes to have further discussions with his Republican colleagues in the coming weeks.”

WH warns GOP: Prepare to cover Trump on tax returns, etc., if Democrats win the house – Axios

Trump says that he ‘quit’ the NAFTA Region, announces a new trade agreement with Mexico – Fox News

Poll: Trump’s approval remains stable after the chaotic week – NBC News

Maine Gov. Paul LePage to the hospital after ‘discomfort’
– AP

“Do not despair of our present difficulties but to believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable.” – Sen. John McCain’s farewell words to his fellow citizens, written before his death this weekend.

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KNSD: “A 69-year-old man was arrested in Thermal, California, for the hundreds of pounds of lemons, allegedly stolen from a nearby farm, a sheriff’s sergeant said Saturday. Dionicio Fierros of Los Angeles, was pulled over around 9:45 p.m. on Friday at the intersection of Grapefruit Boulevard and Pierce Street, and was arrested when deputies found 800 pounds of fresh-picked lemons in his vehicle, Sheriff’s officials said the were stolen. The arrest was part of a larger, ongoing investigation in the agriculture theft in the Coachella Valley, Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Friedrich said. Fierros jail booked was in Indio and was published after the publication of 10,000 dollars Deposit.”

“If anything, the purpose of a constitutional court such as ours, the enforcement of the old standards, which have preserved both our vitality and our freedom for 230 years. How? By providing a robust, reliable framework, within which the political churnings of each generation to take place.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on November 6. April 2017.

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