Trump ‘evaluates’ rel around discredited national security advisor

Trump ‘evaluates’ rel around discredited national security advisor

The American president Donald Trump ‘evaluate’ the situation around the discredited top advisor Michael Flynn. Trump consults, according to his spokesman, inter alia, with vice president Mike Pence about the fuss.

The commotion revolves around the question of whether national security adviser Flynn with the Russian ambassador has spoken about the U.s. sanctions against Moscow. That’s what happened according to sources of The Washington Post after the American elections, but even before He actually was president.

It is still unclear whether Flynn should fear for his job. A close associate of the president told reporters that the national security advisor still has the full confidence of Trump.

Flynn said against the vice president that he was the U.s. sanctions against Russia has not discussed with Russian officials. The top advisor approved later that still not quite sure to know and offered Pence excuses.


The Kremlin has denied that Flynn private with the Russian ambassador in the USA has spoken about the sanctions against Russia.

Flynn himself denied Wednesday explicitly states that he the sanctions with the ambassador had discussed. Thursday was his spokesman there, however, on the back. “Although he can’t remember the sanctions have discussed, he can not exclude the possibility that there is come.”

The communication between the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Flynn is by some high-ranking American officials described as inappropriate and potentially illegal. It would be a signal to the Kremlin that the Russians relief of the Obama-government-imposed sanctions may be expected.

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Steven Mnuchin

The U.s. senate has Monday (local time) the appointment of Steven Mnuchin as the minister of Finance approved.

The former banker of Goldman Sachs received the support of 53 senators. Total voted 47 senators. The senator from West Virginia was the only Democrat for the appointment of Mnuchin agreed.

The new minister must mainly focus on tax reform, financial deregulation, and economic and diplomatic efforts. He has also, Donald Trump was given the task of the so-called Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 to revise it. The American president signed this at the beginning of this month a decree. It was Trumps first step is to have the stricter rules for banks to dismantle.

Mnuchin was the financial officer during the campaign of Trump. The 53-year-old investor began his career at Goldman Sachs where he spent seventeen years worked. Later he was also a partner at the bank.

After Mnuchin, the bank left in 2002, he made a name as a financier of various hollywood movies. He was in 2004, the founder of Dune Capital, where he, among others, the film series X-men and the movie Avatar produced.

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