Trump drops in New Jersey wedding, as a participant, chanting ” USA!’

nearvideo trump crashes the wedding as the crowd chant ” USA!’

President Trump again on the wedding of PJ Mongelli and Nicole Perosi at the Bedminister Trump National.

After a turbulent and bizarre week in Washington, President Trump unexpectedly again at the wedding of PJ Mongelli and Nicole Marie Mongelli on Saturday evening at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey, how enthusiastic the participants broke into chants of “USA.”

Fox News is told that the bride and groom are big fans of the President, had him participate in their wedding dreamed of, and in the golf-club in the year 2017. Flags and pro-Trump-could the Banner be seen on the event.

The bride said that she would be sent numerous requests to the President, in the hope he — and the Trump would participate at the end of two visits to separate wedding events. At the first event, he vowed to show up to the second, and kept his word.

As trump spoke with the members of the family, a man approached him and cried, “I am the father, I am the father! Many, many thanks!”

“Good Work. She has responded a good job,” Trump.

In videos on social media, Secret Service agents were seen to hold the majority of the participants in the Bay, while the bride and groom Trump approached and hugged him.

“Where is the groom? Nicely said — look at his shoulders,” Trump. “Nobody’s gonna mess with him.”

“Staten Island is said to be the biggest” Trump, if the groom told the hundreds of guests from the municipality told him the participation in a party would be later. “I love it. I’ll see if I can stop.”

Trump, yeah, I stop by the second event, as the crowd broke into a “USA!” chant.

In the meantime, a whole series of negative comments about trump’s appearance at the wedding platforms, Sunday appeared on Twitter and other social media, with a trace of bitterness and party-political undertone.

The President has a history of personally, the fans, both inside and outside its properties, but with a wedding drop-ins on its properties are particularly well-known.

“If he’s on the spot for your big day, he will stop, probably, in & congratulate the happy couple,” a announced since-no longer available-brochure of the golf club before. “He can take some photos with them, but we ask that you and your guests to be respectful of his time and privacy.”

In March, Trump a terminally ill Connecticut people met you want to die, with a telephone call-with a little help from the husband of the sister, a Democrat elected.

Video of the result of the 44-year-old Jay Barrett, West showed Haven, react with shock when he realized Trump was on the phone.

“You look good,” Trump said. “I wish you could come to a rally. I wish you could come, I know you don’t like the stuff. I wish you could. It sounds like you have a great sister, Jay.”


Trump promised Jay that if he had to sit out a rally in the vicinity, he would “front row, center.” Trump added, “I know where you live,” and said he was very familiar with the area.

Barrett, who died only a few days after the call.

Fox News’ Ben Evansky contributed to this report.

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