Trump: Dems to help solve the border could be hit by crisis in ” 15 minutes up to an hour with a WH-

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He doesn’t say it, perhaps the FBI name on foreign soil.

President Trump said Democrats stop could loosen the blockade policy on immigration and the question, with only a short meeting, in remarks broadcast Sunday with ABC News’ “This week” anchor George Stephanopoulos.

“The border should be done, George. The border… The Democrats come in and 15 minutes to an hour, we can you should be all solved. It’s so easy,” said the President in the White house.

He added: “The things we are talking about, you should not have to give. It is so-there are three-and four gaps that you solve these loopholes, you don’t have a problem at the border. You should want to do it. But you don’t want to do it because of political reasons.”

Mexico recently announced that it is sending 6,000 agents to its new, still-forming, militarized police, known as the National Guard in the southern region for the immigration enforcement as part of the Trump to avoid a deal with Washington’s threatened tariffs on Mexican imports.

The number of migrant apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border was 132,887 in may, the highest monthly total in a decade. Many make the dangerous journey trying to escape the poverty and violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and the United States, Mexico has crack pushed to.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took issue with Trump’s threat to impose the punishment rates, the risk that he was excluded earlier this month, after further negotiations with Mexico.

To impose a “President Trump undermine and threaten America’s outstanding leadership role in the world by easily done, duties to our close friend and neighbor to the South… threats and tantrums are not the way to negotiate foreign policy,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said.


President Trump, in remarks broadcast Sunday with ABC News’ “This week” anchor George Stephanopoulos, said Democrats stop blockade policy on the U.S.-Mexico border could help in the solution of the crisis with a quick meeting. (AP, file)

The ABC News interview made headlines on several fronts, with the network promotion Stephanopoulos’ 30 hours he spent with trump. Among other topics, the President said, he would “want to hear” dirt on 2020 rivals by foreign governments.

Trump said that he believed the situation at the border was connected with the recent successes of his administration.

“Well, that’s because the economy is so good that you can try, in our country. We have many more people want to come and do not come for economic reasons, they come to the asylum,” he said.

He added: “Really, you are coming from, though… most of them go for economic reasons, and the country is economically better than ever and everyone wants in crack. I think we have done a great job on the border. We understand more people than ever before, under our new Mexico plan. This will help a lot, because you know you are going to see the numbers go way down. But really, we should be able to do it much easier than that. When the Democrats sat down for fifteen minutes, we were able to work.”


The Republicans still have the Democrats to blame for the border crisis.

Limit are set to fears for 2019, to reach its highest level since 2006 and double the number seen in the year 2018. According to an analysis by Princeton Political consultants, a group of political solutions focuses on the development issues, including illegal immigration, cross-border concerns could reach a 13-year high of 913,000 for 2019

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