Trump, Dems both think they have the ‘upper hand’ in shutdown: Mollie Hemingway

in the vicinity ofthe video which party has more to lose as a partial government shutdown?

With no end to the partial government shutdown in sight, it seems there is a lot of effort to resolve the differences between President Trump and Democrats in Congress, as both sides see it as a winning issue, senior editor Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist, argued on Thursday on “Special Report” All-Star panel.

Now about a week into the shutdown, President Trump took to Twitter to pressure Democrats in the financing of border security, says: “we urgently need”, and claim without evidence that “most” government workers who are not paid because of the shutdown are Democrats.

Hemingway, along with Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley and cook Political report national editor Amy Walter, weighed, who has more to gain from the shutdown.


The Federalist senior editor told the panel that “both sides seem to think they have the upper hand,” insisting that the Democrats believe that it is the “key” to prevent Trump from with a victory in the border-wall-financing, while Trump thinks he has the edge over Democrats, 75 percent of the government is open and the border security is a “longstanding interest” for the majority of Americans.

Meanwhile, Riley argues that Trump has the “stronger hand” since the proposed budget from the Democrats in January will likely be asked include far less than the $5 billion he has, for the wall and he Democrats suggested, to “some funds” in exchange for something like Amnesty for the IF receiver (those participating in Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program).

But Walter pointed out that the retrieval of the advantage is for the wall, which is approximately the same as that for the election in 2016, and instead, the expansion of coalitions of support among Republicans and Democrats is “solidifying and deepening.”


Walter later predicted that an agreement will not be reached until the new Congress is in place, and added that it “will fight no winners” in this government shutdown. Hemingway disagreed and insisted that the Democrats are the way to go would be the winner, if you DACA negotiate with the edge-wall-financing, instead of DACA will be settled in the courts.

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