Trump defends press embattled Alaska Governor facing recall

nearvideo Alaska Governor Dunleavy faces recall effort over budget cuts

Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy says he was elected to a sustainable budget for the state of Alaska.

President Trump on Wednesday threw his support behind embattled Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy as a recall effort against the Republican intensified.

“My friend Mike [Dunleavy] from the Great state of Alaska, is treated very unfairly by the Democrats, because he’s doing an incredible job and the fulfillment of his every promise,” Trump tweeted.

He added: “Now you are trying to call him Back, because his agenda is the economy, jobs and the protection of our military, 2. Change, energy, and so many other things to take care of the Democrats. Please stop the Dems from injured a very good and hard-working man!”

After months of budgeting in an effort to return discord in Alaska, a group called “Recall Dunleavy” launched in August, the necessary number of the necessary to get signatures for the recall vote, in order to move forward. The group accuses Dunleavy of the denial of appointment of a judge, for abuse of state funds, the violation of the separation of powers and incompetent to Veto state funds.

The group needs to go for the collection of signatures from 10 percent of the people who voted in the General election for a recall to front. Dunleavy took office last December.


Both Dunleavy and his opponents on the offensive in an attempt to the domination of the public opinion – both locally and nationally – to their cause

To talk about “the people began a recall of only two months into my tenure, and more about the agenda I was elected and the program I implement, that some of the people on the left do not agree,” Dunleavy said at the beginning of this month, in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto.

He added: “No Governor or President will have a stormy time, but sometimes, when you try to change the course, to get a state or a country back on track, it is sometimes very difficult, and you will be people and groups, sometimes against.”


Supporters of the “Recall Dunleavy” movement, currently waiting on a decision from the Alaska Division of elections to see if their efforts to be certified receives. The division of elections, the decision on the validity of the signatures and the reasons for the recall is currently presented, the Recall Dunleavy, and to a judgment of Nov 4.

“If it is certified, we print brochures and collect for phase two,” Recall Dunleavy chair Meda DeWitt local media said. “If you don’t certify, then we go to court, but we know that our reasons are solid.”

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