Trump consults with general Haftar on future of Libya

The Us president, Donald Trump has this week spoken by telephone with Libyan general Khalifa Haftar, reported the White House Friday.

The two also discussed “ongoing efforts in the fight against terrorism,” Haftar provides, according to Trump.

In a statement from the White House that Trump the important role that Haftar is playing in the fight against terrorism and the protection of the Libyan oil wells has been recognized.

Also discussed Trump and Haftar a “shared vision for the transition of Libya to a stable, democratic political system”.

Already more than two hundred deaths in the ongoing battles

In Libya in recent weeks and new clashes erupted. Haftar wants the power in the country take control of the internationally recognized government in the capital Tripoli. He wants to say “extremists beat that have links with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda”.

The forces of Haftar had the control all over the eastern part of the country and lay siege to since the beginning of april the capital. Both Haftar as the incumbent government of prime minister Fayez Al Sarraj puts the air force in. There are already two hundred deaths.

In the capital of Tripoli went citizens the past few days the streets to protest against general Khalifa Haftar. (Photo: AFP)

International community divided on Libya

The international community is divided on how to deal with the escalating situation in Libya. Thursday, the U.S. and Russia of a UN resolution for a ceasefire, rejected.

The UN supports the internationally recognized government of Al Sarraj. Haftar is supported by Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. The position of the US is unclear. The country gave no reason for the rejection of the resolution.

Thursday accused the internationally recognised government of France that the country Haftar supports. As a result Libya cooperation in the area of security, with Paris discontinued. France denies the rumors and says that the land behind Al Sarraj.

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