‘Trump congratulated Filipino president Duterte with approach drug war’

‘Trump congratulated Filipino president Duterte with approach drug war’

Photo: AFP

The American president Donald Trump has his Filipino ambtsgenoot Rodrigo Duterte last month, complimented with his fantastic approach to the drug problem”. This is evident from leaked Filipino minutes of the phone call.

The minutes are in the hands of the American media.

Trump made the statement in the same interview in which he Duterte invited for a visit to Washington. The youngest of disclosure is painful, because Duterte internationally understand is under fire because of its hard approach to drug offenders. Since taking office, thousands of people suspected of drug offences and killed.

“I wanted you to congratulate because I hear about the fantastic approach of the drug problem”, would Trump have said. “A lot of countries have that problem. We have a problem. I just wanted to call to say that you do it the right way.”

Trump would be located opposite Duterte also have spoken about the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, that he is a “madman with nuclear weapons” called. The American bragged about the military superiority of his country in North Korea. “We have a lot of firepower. More than he is. Twenty times more. But we don’t want to use.”


The U.s. president had mentioned that he two submarines to the Korean peninsula had sent. “We have two submarines, the best in the world”, he said. “We have two nuclear submarines. Not that we actually want to use.”

A senior American official said that the government, the accuracy of the minutes is not in question. He refused to provide further information.

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