Trump claims Dems grabbed the ‘fear’ as the White house, the impeachment is preparing a response

nearvideo Pelosi is launching a formal impeachment inquiry, Trump released Ukraine call transcript

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett says Nancy Pelosi formal charges request is nothing more than a gesture, to bring it to the house floor for a vote.

The newly launched impeachment inquiry against President Trump touch off a rapid-fire sequence of potentially significant developments Wednesday, as the White house wants to clarify the neutralize the threat and gain the upper hand in a political storm, whose output is far from.

The President started the day with an early morning tweet you decrying the probe: “There is no President in the history of our country, which has been treated so badly as I do. The Democrats are frozen with hate and fear. You will get nothing done. This should never happen to another President. “Witch hunt!”

This came after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Tuesday, the Assembly charge answered calls in your group of the announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry. Pelosi’s move came after months of reluctance to press forward on the front, out of concern about the political implications for their party. But Tuesday, in the midst of new allegations about a now-controversial phone call between Trump and Ukrainian presidents Vladimir Zelensky in July, you were in favour of the process. Trump is under fire for allegedly pressure on Ukraine to investigate the leaders, Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and with military help, such as you use, even if the President denies calculate the latter.


“The President must be held accountable,” Pelosi, citing his alleged “betrayal of his oath of office, a betrayal of our national security, and the betrayal of the integrity of our elections.”

Pelosi and the Democrats also claim that the administration did not violate the law, by turning over a whistleblower complaint about trump in the July call.

This complaint can soon turned, however, as the government weighs the handling of the document. Further, the White house is planning a release of the transcript of the call itself on Wednesday. Ministry of justice lawyers, but also lawyers in the White house, Los advise White house officials, the transcript since last week, a source told Fox News familiar with the talks.


If the transcript harms or strengthens the President is the case remains to be seen. But he will have many opportunities to shape the narrative, like the day.

Later, Trump is scheduled to meet with Zelensky, to push what is a high-stakes moment in the midst of the prosecution, on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. The meeting was previously planned, to get the regardless of the whistleblower’s allegation, although the two leaders are expected, questions from reporters on the issue.

Trump, then, it is expected that a press conference in New York in the late afternoon, where the charge drive is sure to be front and center.

The White house is also expected to the release of the document shows that the intelligence community inspector general found that the whistleblower, who first leveled the explosive allegation against Trump had a “political bias” in favour of an “opponent” of the President. Fox News previously reported that, according to a source, the individual is also not “first Hand knowledge” of the phone call.

A Trump senior administration official told Fox News that the White house has worked, as fast as you can is to release to Congress, the whistleblower complaint, Trump’s talks with the Ukrainian President, as long as it is legally possible.

The White house has claimed that they have nothing to hide and that it is not misconduct. Their General position is that it is all possible is available to the Congress or the public in reference to Trump’s call and the complaint to the intelligence community inspector General.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, which is Packed agenda less.


House Democratic and GOP leaders are expected to press conferences after their respective closed caucus meetings. The Republicans will likely.colour Pelosi impeachment request notice, as a noise, while Democrats cast it as a significant escalation in the process


A democratic source told Fox News late Tuesday that Pelosi takes an official request by the trump-focused studies lead you through the six separate house committees, and places them “under one roof.” The concerned bodies, the house judiciary, intelligence, Foreign, financial services, supervision and way.

The source said, Fox News is because of “momentum” in the run-up to the announcement was focused on the Ukraine, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., a “major role” in how the process unfolds.


At some point in the day, the house will vote on a resolution on the date of delivery of the whistleblower complaint to the house Intelligence Committee.

The negotiations are still in progress on the question of whether the whistleblower as a witness or testify in front of Congress appear, in any way. Ship in the night on Wednesday requested a voluntary interview with the whistleblower on Thursday, following public testimony, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Joseph McGuire on Thursday morning.

Fox News’ John Roberts, Ed Henry, Gregg Re, and Chad contributed Pergram of this report.

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