Trump: China delay the deal, in the hope of ‘Democrat stiffs” wins in the year 2020, allow for more ‘ripoff’

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Maryland dairy farmer Randy Sowers says he know trusts the President as a businessman, what he is up against.

President Trump gave a strict warning to China Tuesday morning: wait until 2020 to get a trade deal with the United States will backfire.

Trump declared that China “should product the buying of our agricultural-now”, but “no signs that you do”, and change the conditions for a possible deal, such as U.S.-involved public officials, in negotiations. The President suggested that China could wait until after the election in 2020, with the hope that a Democrat would offer you a better deal-but vowed that, if he was still in the White house, he’s going to be harder than ever before.

“You should probably wait to see our choice, whether we are a Democrat stiffs like in the sleeping Joe. Then you could make a Large supply, as in the past 30 years, and continue to ripoff the United States, even bigger and better than ever before,” Trump tweeted. “The problem with waiting, however, is that, if & when I win, the deal you get will be very much harder than what were, are the negotiations now…or no business.”

Trump has insisted that the United States the leverage in the negotiations, even if his predecessor may not have recognized their own advantage.

“We have all the cards, our past leaders have never it!” he said.


Minister of Finance, Steve Mnuchin and trade representative Robert Lighthizer talks with Chinese economic czar, Vice-Premier Liu He on Tuesday and Wednesday. This comes after a two-month break and again in trade talks between the United States and China, as tensions mounted as a result of the Trump management rates and US restrictions on Chinese tech-giant Huawei.

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