Trump calls the ship back to read the Ukraine to join on ‘parody’ reputation: “HE was CAUGHT’

nearvideo ship slammed for ‘parody’ of the Trump call transcript

Reactions and analysis from former Schumer aide Chris Hahn, and former independent counsel Ken Starr.

President Trump, called Friday for house Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff back to intent “reading” occur in cheater of a hyperbolic account of Trump’s controversial July telephone conversation with the Ukrainian President.

“Rep. Adam Schiff fraudulently read to observe to Congress, with millions of people, a version of my conversation with the President of Ukraine, does not exist. He was allegedly read the accurate transcribed version of the call, but he is completely changed to make the words, it sounded terrible, and to me sound guilty,” he tweeted.


He continued: “Adam Schiff lied to, therefore, Congress and the American Public is trying to cheat. He has been doing this for two years. I ask him immediately to withdraw from the Congress on this basis of fraud!”

The dramatic reading happened Thursday, as the Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire was defend on Capitol Hill, his handling of the whistleblower complaint about the call touched off a formal impeachment inquiry this week.

The complaint and the transcription of the call, released this week, detailed how Trump President Vladimir Zelensky urged to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

“There is talk of Biden’s is much son that Biden finished want to the law enforcement and a lot of people to find out about so, what can you do with the attorney-General would be great,” Trump said in the phone call, according to the transcript. “Biden went on to boast that he ended the persecution of so if you are looking into it…It sounds terrible for me.”

But at the hearing, Schiff, D-Calif., will be offered an exaggerated version of the call.

“I’ve said want I ask of you,” the ship while he read from a piece of paper. “And I’m going to say that this is listen only seven times, so that better be good. I want you to understand dirt on my political opponents? A lot of it on this and on that.”


Ship later chalked his fictional summary of the call to a joke, when he came under fire from conservatives, for the preparation of the quotation marks.

“My summary of the President the call was meant to be, at least partially, in the parody,” the ship said. “The fact that it is not clear, is a separate problem in and of itself. Of course, the President has never said, ‘If you understand me I’m not going to say that it’s seven times more,’ my point is that the message of the President of Ukraine was received, in not so many words.”

Trump on Friday wasn’t buying that claim, however.


“HE WAS DESPERATE, AND HE got CAUGHT,” he tweeted.

Ship quickly Trump tweet responded with one of his own, accused him of trying to cover up, a “shakedown.”

“But you’re right about one thing — your words need not mocked,” the ship said. “Their own words and deeds to mock itself.”

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