Trump called fight against terrorism a ‘struggle between good and evil.”

Trump called fight against terrorism a ‘struggle between good and evil.”

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The American fight against terrorism is not a ‘war with islam’, but a fight between good and evil. That has the American president Donald Trump Sunday said.

Trump held a speech in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. The speech was held at the conclusion of his visit to the country, which is also his first foreign trip.

Trump called the more than fifty present of the Arab leaders in order to battle against the islamic extremism.

“This is a fight between barbaric criminals that human life want to destroy and decent people of all religions who want to protect,” said Trump.

“This means that we struggle to overcome against islamic extremism and islamic terroristengroepen. And it means that we, as one man, a front forms against the murder of innocent muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of jews and the slaughter of christians,” said Trump.

During the election campaign does Trump regularly have negative things about muslims and islam. With this speech would Trump the relationship with the muslim world to restore, thinking commentators.


Trump stresses that Middle East terrorism should expel


Trump let us know that the Arab states should ensure that their territory is not a safe place for terrorists. “Banish them,” said the American president. The president took a bright to Iran. He let us know that the regime in Tehran is responsible for the instability in the Middle East.

“Iran trains terrorists, militias and other extremist groups”, said Trump. He denounced, inter alia, the involvement of Iran in the civil war in Syria. “As long as the Iranian regime is no partner for peace, all countries to work together to Iran to isolate.”


After his visit to Saudi Arabia is going to Trump through to Israel. There he will be on the airport Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv to be received by all of the Israeli ministers. To the great anger of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a number of ministers to have given notice of default to want to let it go, but Netanyahu has them obliged to be present.

The United States made Saturday known 110 billion dollar arms supply to Saudi Arabia. The Israeli Energy minister Yuval Steinitz let Sunday know that the arms deal between Saudi Arabia and the US worries him.

He said that Saudi Arabia, for Israel, a “hostile country” is one with which no diplomatic relations are established.


This is Donald Trump doing on his first foreign trip

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