Trump budget to make it to the end automatic pay hikes for Federal workers, lay-offs easier

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Trump advertises for a “very special” military boost in budget plan

President Donald Trump about his plans for the modernization of the military’s nuclear arsenal in the 2019 budget proposal.

President trump to put, on average, Federal workers, notice, Monday, in his $4 trillion budget plan for a General overhaul, such as the hiring and firing takes place in the DC bureaucracy.

The following Trump’s campaign, the promise, “the swamp,” the plan provides for several major changes. This includes the automatic termination pay hikes that kick-in ” – regardless of performance,” amendment to the pension plan and makes it easier to fire bad employees and reward the good.

“The staff and the workplace have in the last few decades. But the government employees system remains a relic from an earlier time. Federal employees mostly not declare in surveys that the existing system reads the best to reward performers or according to deal with the worst Performer”, a White house budget fact sheet that describes the plan of how to bring the government in line with private practices.

Trump preview of the plan in his first State of the Union address last month. During the speech, as the President of the Congress “empower each Cabinet Secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public’s confidence or not, the American people.”

The fiscal year 2019, the budget proposal offers new details.

The budget proposal aimed at the alignment of total compensation with the private sector, that the current system “is not in” “to be compensated” personnel.

The White house is requesting a waiver of the “across-the-board wage increase for the year 2019,” to “new, incentives through the improvement of the performance-based pay and a slowdown in the rate of tenure-based step increases.”

Federal employees with a high school diploma or less earn about 53 percent more than colleagues with similar education levels in the private sector, after 2017, a study by the Congressional Budget Office. College graduates earn about 21 percent more than their private sector counterparts, while people with advanced degrees earn 18 percent less in the government.

Senior officials with the Office of Management and Budget, told USA Today that the proposal would change how more than 1.5 million Federal employees will be paid, and would be throwing the focus on performance-based, rather than the current system, which generally increases in the content of the term.

The budget also proposes a $1 billion between workforce Fund, which would pay to replace the “across-the-board” increase. The proposal would reward “pay, targeted incentives to encourage and retain high performers and the one with the most important skills.”

Senior administration officials said the President’s proposal would slow salary increases, generate $10 billion over 10 years.

The transition to a more performance-oriented workforce would also mean that Federal workers can be fired with bad reviews easier. The budget calls for, in order to “optimize the recruitment and dismissal process.”

This component seems to be the mirror of Veterans Affairs accountability and whistleblower protection act, the Congress, and Trump adopted, signed last June, makes it easier to fire the accused employee, malpractice or misconduct, but rather as working for years in the bureaucracy or get changed.

The administration has announced that the program, but union,-not to say members protested in the last few months, and that VA facilities have enough manpower to adequate health care and veterans suffer as a result of the supply shortage. From September 2017, the Department has around 35.000 full-time.

Employees of the government, the unions are not thrilled with the latest proposal.

“He seems to be interested in political revenge, he said to the people,” President of the American Federation of Government Employees David Cox “USA Today”. “The government is not a family business, you are in total control.”

The Trump administration in 2019, the proposal also calls for changes to the Federal old-age pensions. The proposal calls for increasing the employee-share of the” pension”, which contributed by the government.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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