Trump: both sides are guilty of violence, Charlottesville

Trump: both sides are guilty of violence, Charlottesville

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The American president Donald Trump has two sides, designated as guilty of the violence in Charlottesville Saturday. Monday condemned a Trump the violence of the white supremacists, Tuesday, he pointed with his finger to left-wing groups for the attacks of the extreme right-wing ‘alt-right’movement.

Trump defended why it took so long before the president with a response came on the violence in Charlottesville. The Republican wanted all the information before he with a statement.

Saturday fell in Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia, one dead and several people were injured when an extreme-right protester with his car in reed on a group of protesters. The demonstrators protested against a planned gathering of far-right groups in the university town.

The right groups protested against the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee, a general in the American civil war against the north fought, that slavery wanted to abolish.Trump said Tuesday in a speech that he is an understanding for the right-wing demonstrators.

In addition, Trump expanded on those responsible for the violence in Charlottesville. And he stressed that he is neo-nazis and other extreme right-wing groups has condemned. “But not everyone there was a neo-nazi, not everyone was a white supremacist.”

Car drives into protesters Charlottesville

In the American city of Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia, is Saturday, a car drove into a group of protesters.

In the incident was dead and over thirty wounded.

Rescue workers and volunteers have the wounded to the hospital.

On the images to see the vehicle on Saturday multiple people creates and then rapidly drive away.

A 20-year-old man is suspected of killing a protester and five attempt to murder by using his car on a group of people to drive.

The FBI is an official investigation was started.

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Trump added that there also must be taken into consideration the left-wing camp. “What are we to think of the ‘alt-left’?”, early Trump out loud during a press conference.

“You have the time about the ‘alt-right, but there is nothing said about ‘alt-left'”, said Trump against reporters. “They have no share in the violence? They provoked the violence by ‘alt-right’ to attack with batons in their hands.”


Trump was under a lot of pressure from both Democrats and Republicans because he initially refused the people responsible for the riots name and shame to name a few.

That did Trump Monday: “Racism is an evil. Those who in the name of causing violence, criminals and villains, including the Ku Klux Klan, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are incompatible with where we as Americans value,” said the president.

Trump added that the driver of the car a shame for himself and for his country. The president would be the press conference at which he is extremely right to designate as guilty for the violence, have kept on the counsel of his advisers.

A day later, Trump is again from about Charlottesville. In the Trump Tower would Trump a speech on economic issues, but it was almost exclusively about the violence of last Saturday.


President Trump condemns violence by white supremacists and extremists in speech


The statements of Trump are not in good earth cases. Also, some Republicans are not happy with Trumps statements. Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: “Both parties are responsible for the violence? No,” tweeted she.


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