Trump border wall proposed by the new court room control

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President Trump plays hardball with the border wall

National Border Patrol Council, the President says the border wall is the only humane and sustainable solution to the crisis at the border.

PASADENA, Calif. – The fate of President Trump proposed boundary wall returned on Tuesday morning to a California courtroom, where it seems likely to survive another round of judicial review.

In a 40-minute hearing, which went deep in the legal swamp from which the courts could properly challenges the controversial plan to hear, there is too little appetite seemed to be by the three court of appeal judges Lord, that the administration of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has exceeded his authority.

Earlier this year, a Federal judge in San Diego, said the President and the DHS were used to build the framework of their powers, a new border wall prototypes and replace in multiple sections of the existing wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. This ruling also cleared the way for the government to waive all environmental laws, which could affect, are built the construction of the wall, the Trump wants to further secure the nation’s southern border from illegal immigratants originally from Mexico and Latin America. (The wall was one of the cornerstones of the trump card in the 2016 presidential campaign.)

The state of California and several environmental groups to challenge the decision, asks the court to reverse course. They claim that the current use of the border fence legislation, during the George W. Bush government as the authority for the construction of new inappropriate.

They point in particular to provisions, which expired in 2008. “It was never designed for this purpose,” California Deputy Attorney General Noah Golden-Krasner, the court said.

The four ecological groups of accession of the state of California center for Biological diversity, animal Legal Defense Fund, the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife. Together, they expressed the concern that the wall “built in a “global hotspot of biodiversity, the rooms more fragile and delicate life is,” hazardous to the rare plants and water quality.

The center for Biological diversity lawyer, J. P., Rose told reporters he had hoped the judge would rule in the name of the environment, the interests of the Trump administration’s plan for the southern border wall.

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But these concerns were not addressed in court on Tuesday, as the judges concentrated on the area of the Executive and other more technical aspects. Judge M. Margaret McKeown said, she looked to the language of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (1996), and found, to establish that it is the administration with the broad authority, cross-border obstacles.

“It is not to say everywhere, they should only do what is listed,” the officer of President Bill Clinton, said.

Department of justice lawyer H. Thomas Byron III twice said that the government’s actions fell directly “in the heart” of what the Congress intended, by the Executive branch broad leeway for border security.

After the hearing, the center for Biological diversity lawyer, J. P., Rose told reporters he had hoped the judge would rule on behalf of the environmental groups. There is no timetable for a decision.

The hearing of the case, judge Consuelo Callahan and Jacqueline Nguyen, who were appointed to the court by President George W. Bush and Obama, respectively.

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