Trump blasts house Democrats on impeachment: “you had nothing, there is no crime”

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President Trump mocked house Democrats on Saturday during a turning point USA event in West Palm Beach, Fla., for the vote to accuse him, without evidence of a crime.

“They had nothing. There is no crime. There is no nothing,” Trump said. “How are you going to charge? They had no crime. Your people said it was not a crime. In fact, there is no charge. Her lawyer said that there is no indictment. What are we doing here?”

Trump then his focus turned to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and called them “crazy Nancy”, before you criticize you for the delay of the process due to the reluctance of the indictment of the GOP-controlled Senate.

“The world is looking to” Trump said. “Crazy Nancy. She’s crazy. So now she says she has no case. She has no bag, so let us not present. That’s good, right? This is good, but you know what? So unfair. It is so unfair. She has no case.”


The commander-in-chief, accused Democrats, who have values contrary to the Constitution and claimed that his survey will benefit from your divisive rhetoric.

“They violate the Constitution, completely. Total. You are in violation of the Constitution. In the meantime, our surveys have gone through the roof,” Trump said.

Later in the speech, the President questioned the patriotism of Democrats in the Congress and accused of believing in democracy.


“If all else fails, you can pursue an illegal, unconstitutional, and a Hyper-partisan Prosecutor,” he said. “You go with the prosecution case. Some of these extremists can call themselves Democrats, but they don’t really believe in democracy. You can’t do it. You can not believe in democracy.”

He added, “generations of patriots before us are not work, struggle and sacrifice, so that we give up our country to a frenzied left of the mob. And that is what happened. While punishing you want, America, we will stand the fight for the preservation of America… Together we will be, up to the socialists, we defend our nation-the greatest and most glorious Republic in the history of this world.”

“And you know what? The best is yet to come”, he added.

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