Trump blasts formwork Weekly Standard as a ” pathetic and dishonest,’ rips-editor Kristol

nearvideo conservative magazine The Weekly Standard, is closed at the bottom

Many conservatives have, sadly, on Friday the news that the Weekly Standard, a publication, the it for 23 years, the activities in this month. But do not rely President Trump among them.

In a Twitter message Saturday, Trump the magazine blown up, as “pathetic and dishonest”, and slammed his editor-at-large, William Kristol, as a “failed forecasters.”


Kristol had written in July: “Donald Trump is a bad President is bad for the country is, in many respects, bad for conservatism, bad for the Republican party. His rule should be limited to about party and politics, as much as is feasible, and its dominance of our policy is not extended more than necessary.”

“May it rest in peace!”, the President of the Commission of the magazine, Kristol co-wrote-founded.

Kristol did not appear concerned that the President of the Twitter message sent directly to him.

The parent company, Clarity Media CEO Ryan McKibben told employees Friday morning that the magazine, its last issue on Monday would print.

McKibben said the publication “was made difficult by the fact that many of the same challenges, wrestling with the myriad of other magazines and Newspapers across the country,” and in the end, it is necessary to make the difficult decision to close.

Others reported that McKibben and the staff of clarity is preferred to sell the shutter of the Standard, rather, as it called for the strengthening of a weekly newspaper, the Washington Examiner, which, as the Standard, owned by Colorado billionaire Philip Anschutz.

Whether all of the Standard reports, the staff would be set on the new weekly was unclear, the Daily Beast.

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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