Trump blames Schumer claim that North Korea was a nuclear summit ‘all cattle and no hat”

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President Trump on Sunday endangered democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer claim that the North Korean nuclear-summit “all cattle and no hat,” and also took aim at the critics who said his G7 meeting with other leaders of the world, was marked by tension and hostility.

The President of the broadside against the New York Democrat was followed by a speech Schumer delivered in the Senate last week, as he is an apparent variation of the Texas saying “all hat and no cattle” to mock Trump the benefits of the Singapore summit.

“Chuck Schumer said:” the summit was what wrote the Texans call all cattle and no hat”,” Trump. “Thank you, Chuck, but are you sure that you have the right one? No further nuclear tests or missiles flying all over the place, blew the start places. Hostages again, the hero remains, coming home & so much more!”

Chuck Schumer said: “the summit was what to call the Texans’ all cattle and no hat.” Thank you Chuck, but are you sure that you have the right one? No further nuclear tests or missiles flying all over the place, blew the start places. Hostages again, the hero remains, coming home & more!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 17. June 2018


The President continued with the statement that the summit, with North Korea has been popular in foreign countries, with surveys in South Korea show that the majority of people historic meeting with the withdrawn approve Trump living dictator, Kim Jong-Un.

Hold back the “war games” during the negotiations, my desire was, because they are VERY EXPENSIVE and in a bad light, while they negotiated in good faith. Also, quite provocative. Can be started immediately, if the talks break down, what will I happen to hope!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 17. June 2018

“The denuclearization deal with North Korea is praised and celebrated wrote in the whole of Asia,” Trump. “You are so lucky! Here, in our country, some people would prefer to see this historic deal will fail, as Trump a victory, even if it will save lives of potentially millions of people!”

Trump tweeted to promise a defense of his decision, the suspension of war games in the region, which he characterized as “VERY EXPENSIVE” and unnecessarily provocative.

“I thought what [Trump] is China.”

– Sen Chuck Schumer

The tweets came on the same day that Schumer, a staunch Democrat, atypical Trump praised to impose the decision this week, the important duties on Chinese goods to the value of 50 billion US dollars.

“China is taking total advantage of the United States,” Schumer said in an interview. “They steal our intellectual property, cyber-theft.

Please clear the Fake news!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 17. June 2018

“It takes a bit of toughness in the beginning,” he added. “China, the bark will return. But you need us more than we need you, the President of Trump’s right— and we should be strong. So I thought, what he did on China is right.”

Trump on Sunday also again you posted his tweets from the past week, the multiple, previously unrecognised photographs of the G7 summit shows the trump smiling and apparently comfortable with other leaders in the world.

“I have a great relationship with Angela Merkel in Germany, but the Fake-News media only shows the bad photos (what’s with the anger) of negotiations on a Treaty where I am to ask for things that no other American President would ask for!” Trump wrote.

The more cheerful photos were a response to a widespread shot of Trump in the G7 group with a seemingly stubborn facial expression, as apparently Angela Merkel upset looked on the scene, that the President has taken says wrong from the context.

On Sunday morning, he ” appended to his re-posted tweet a reminder to the media: “Please clear the Fake news!”

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

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