Trump: attack in Germany is “attack on humanity”

President-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the deadly truck-assault on a Christmas market in Germany was “an attack on humanity, and it must be stopped.”

The President-elect, spoke with journalists shortly before the meeting with retired Lt. gen. Michael Flynn, and his incoming White House national security adviser. Asked whether the attack was prompting him to re-evaluate, please call during the campaign for the temporarily ban of Muslim immigration to the United States, Trump said: “I proved to be right.”

Twelve people were killed and 48 injured when a truck of the most popular Berlin market on Monday evening plowed in an attack claimed by the Islamic state group. The German officials have launched a Europe-wide manhunt after a “violent and armed” Tunisian man suspected in the attack.

Trump is to spend the last days of 2016 on his palatial estate in South Florida, conference Advisor, and completion of plans for his Cabinet and White house staff.

To fill while Trump has gathered in his Cabinet to a fast pace, the process of top White House jobs has been slowed by pushback among some advisers. Some of Trump’s early, most consultants have the worry expressed, the President-elect himself that they are always boxed for the benefit of those who work closely with incoming chief of staff, Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Trump is in his first campaign chief, Corey Lewandowski will not bring in a White house job, but the assailant, operating not far away. Lewandowski said on Wednesday he would not entrance into the management. He announced plans to start a political consulting firm with offices just one block from the White house, increasing the likelihood that he remains an influential player in the trump suit orbit without a West Wing office.

The President-elect transition team, said the notices could come to the White house occupation as early as Wednesday.

Trump opened his day by bragging again about his Nov. 8 election victory, tweeted that his win in the Electoral College was to pull harder than the win of the people would have been voting if he had tried. The Democrat Hillary Clinton won at least 2.6 million more votes than trump, an apparent sore point for the President-elect. “

“I would have made it even better in the next election if this is possible, if the winner was based on popular vote, but the campaign would be different,” he tweeted.

Trump met on Tuesday with the candidates for his unfilled Cabinet positions to run, including potential new hires, the Department of Veterans Affairs, a beleaguered Agency that has the Republican businessman has vowed to overtake you.

At the Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s palatial Florida estate, the President-elect, met with Luis Quinonez, who runs a company with military and health care, ties, and. in consideration of VA Secretary He also interviewed Toby Cosgrove, the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, who was a top-to replace the contender, Eric Shinseki, when he resigned from the VA 2014. Cosgrove later withdrew from consideration.

Trump again says to resolve during the campaign, the needs of the Department and said he would see”, great veterans.” But he also came under control slowly in the withdrawal of money for veterans groups and for the assumption that “strong” veterans don’t need treatment for mental health problems.

The other say, for the post, among other things, the former Massachusetts sen. Scott Brown, Florida Rep. Jeff Miller and Pete Hegseth, an army veteran and former CEO of Concerned veterans for America.

Trump is also considering Jovita Carranza, the officer working in President George W. Bush administration, as his choice for U.S. trade. She served as Deputy administrator of the Small Business Administration under Bush.

To fill with only a handful of Cabinet posts, Trump, where some of the criticism for lack of diversity in its senior team, comprised of which there is currently no Hispanics.


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