Trump, at the UN General Assembly, sign major trade deal with South Korea, shows the possible of Kim Jong-Un meet “soon”

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Trump announces he’ll hold another summit meeting with Kim Jong-Un

The white house remains concerned that North Korea not enough progress in denuclearization. John Roberts has the latest for ‘special report.’

President Trump and the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in under the important agreement of Trump’s trade agenda Monday records, on a busy day at the U. N. General Assembly during the Trump also revealed that he would meet again with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un “very soon.”

The U.S. and the South Korean President an update to an existing U.S.-South Korea free trade agreement signed. Trump called it a “great thing” and said the new agreement would be opportunities for significant improvements to the reduction of the deficit in trade between the countries and create new, the export of American products to South Korea.

“This agreement will reduce the bureaucracy and increase the prosperity in both our countries. Workers in South Korea and America to find new customers and to expand new opportunities and to grow,” Trump said. “Our teams are working hard to ensure that the terms of the agreement is fully implemented.”

He said, US-automobiles, pharmaceuticals and agricultural products, better access to Korean markets.

“I believe our farmers are going to be very happy. It was very limited in what they could do and what you could send, and now it is an open market,” trump added. “I feel very good. I love our farmers.”

Moon said that companies from both countries will be able to do business under more stable conditions. The South Korean leader also said he hopes that the revised agreement with the United States consolidating their cooperation in other areas.

Moon said: “I’m hopeful that it us a platform for our bilateral economic relations will be lifted to a higher level, in a freer, fairer and more mutually beneficial direction.”

During his appearance with moon, Trump also raised hopes in the United Nations on Monday that a second meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un could soon happen, struck a conciliatory tone a year after he taunt his debut at the U. N. to destroy the Emperor as a “Little Rocket Man” and threaten to “completely, North Korea.”

Trump praised Kim as a “very open” and “terrific”, despite the glacial progress in the direction of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.

The softer tones in the direction of the former pariah state North Korea — once threatened with “fire and fury” — was replaced by the rosy optimism to make a reservation with trump harsh rhetoric for other potential nuclear aspirants and strategic enemy: Iran.

“It was a different world,” Trump said on Monday his time, nickname for the North Korean leader. “That was a dangerous time. This is a year later, a very different time.”


Pompeo on the potential for another trump-Kim meeting

Trump praised Egypt for its “outstanding work” in the fight against terrorism.

Trump Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said on Monday that the fight is “not easy,” but his country is “at the top.”

El-Sissi said that Egypt eliminate to be able to terrorism with Trump support. El-Sissi said there was a commitment made Trump clear.

Trump said el-Sissi, “We will work with you, and we will go all the way.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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