Trump announces more than 8,000 jobs for the American workers


President-elect, Donald Trump, announced on Wednesday the addition of approximately 8,000 new jobs for Americans, including 5,000 telecommunications giant Sprint will bring from “anywhere in the world.”

“You come back to the United States, which is a nice change of pace,” he said.

Trump, who takes office 20. January, said the other 3,000 jobs being rented by a new company named Web.

Trump has been moved to the part on the promise to return to the United States jobs that the American companies had overseas in search of lower wage costs.

In the last month, he announced that the carrier would hold around 1,000 jobs in Indiana, after months of criticism of the air-conditioning corporation in the election campaign for the plans to move the jobs to Mexico.

Trump spoke on Wednesday of his Mar a Largo estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

The wealthy businessman-turned-politician also said he had a “nice” and “General” conversation earlier in the day, with the outgoing President Obama.

Trump against the Obama administration’s move to allow the last week to hand over to the United Nations for a resolution condemning Israel for building more settlements in the disputed West Bank.

He said Secretary of state John Kerry’s speech earlier Wednesday, the administration defended the U. N.’s decision, “languages.”

Trump, who has been in the last few days, particularly critical of the U. N., also said that the international body “has enormous potential, but is not life itself.”

Trump added that he had the help of the jobs, the offers of several people, including Massa Yoshi’s son, the chief executive officer for SoftBank in Japan, which owns Sprint

Trump has already in business with the son, whom he described on Wednesday as a “great guy.”




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