Trump announces ‘major investigation’ to election fraud

Trump announces ‘major investigation’ to election fraud

The American president Donald Trump announces on Twitter that a “major investigation” to electoral fraud.

“I’m going to ask for a great investigation into electoral fraud,” says Trump, “to people who are in the two states are registered, to illegal immigrants, and even to people who are registered, but are dead.”

Tuesday repeated Sean Spicer, the perschef of Trump, that Trump believes that there has been large-scale electoral fraud during the elections in november. The new president believes that millions of votes illegally cast.

During a press conference on Wednesday verduidelijke Spicer that the research is mainly going to focus on the larger states where Trump has lost”. Fraud would, according to the perschef not have occurred in the states where Trump has won.

Three Democratic members of Congress have a response to the statements of Trump sent a letter to all verkiezingscomités and all public prosecutors of all fifty states with the question whether there is any evidence for the claim of Trump to justify.

Perschef Trump repeat not-substantiated claim about voter fraud


Trump won in november, most of the electors and thus the election, but he got a total of 3 million fewer votes than his opponent Hillary Clinton.

American media like The New York Times and Politico concluded that there is no evidence to be found for the proposition of Trump. Spicer gave at a press conference Tuesday, also no evidence. Government officials who were involved in the elections, said earlier at The New York Times that there is virtually no evidence of illegal votes cast, and certainly not for fraud with millions of votes.

Experts at the New York University Law School Brennan Center for Justice, searched out that voter fraud percentages between the 0,00004 and 0,00009% layers.

I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and….


Time of placing
12:10 to 25 January 2017


Trump received criticism from prominent party members like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. “I was not there, but if the president of the United States is claiming that 3.5 million people illegally voted, and impairs that confidence in our democracy,” said Graham.

Spicer stated Tuesday not to exclude that in the future a research should be set to the alleged fraud.

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