Trump and Putin discuss ceasefire, parts of Syria during G20 summit

Trump and Putin discuss ceasefire, parts of Syria during G20 summit

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The American president Donald Trump and his Russian ambtsgenoot Vladimir Putin have agreed on a ceasefire in parts of Syria. Confirmed that the Russian and American ministers of Foreign Affairs after the conversation between the two leaders at the G20 summit in Hamburg Friday.

The cease-fire must on 9 July, said the Russian minister Sergey Lavrov. The Jordanian government made through state news agency Petra announced the file to support, that would apply to the south-west of Syria.

The American minister Rex Tillerson (Foreign Affairs) had before his departure to Hamburg already indicated that the US were prepared with Russia to talk about Syria to stabilize. He referred then to the possibility of vliegverboden to set up in certain areas; so-called no fly zones.

Also the possible Russian interference in regard to the American elections last november came up. According to Tillerson had both “a very solid and long discussion about that topic”.

“President Putin denied any such involvement, as he, according to me in the past has done,” said Tillerson. The Kremlin has always denied that the last year hackers have contributed to the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton politically damaging. U.s. intelligence agencies suspect that the Russian government had indeed tried the outcome of the presidential election to influence.

Further discussed the two world leaders on topics like Ukraine, terrorism and cyber-security. It was the first meeting between Trump and Putin as heads of state. The conversation lasted a total of two hours and sixteen minutes, over an hour and a half longer than pre-planned.


Trump is positive about talks with Putin


Trump has Thursday the allegations regarding the Russian hacking attempts during the American elections in 2016 again weakened. He said that “no one is sure what happened”.

“I think Russia learned to sit, but people in other countries to manipulate also. I don’t want to name names, but I think there are a lot of people who are in business mix,” said Trump.

Earlier on Thursday criticized Trump Russia as a “destabilising factor” in regards to Poland. Trump promised Poland aid in the event that Russia threatens. A spokesman of the Kremlin regretted that and said that there is little mutual understanding between Moscow and Washington.

World leaders at G20 summit

All the leaders of the G20 summit pose for a group photo.

Merkel welcomes Donald Trump in Hamburg.

The French president Emmanuel Macron and Merkel at the start of the G20 summit.

Merkel welcomes Putin.

Merkel with the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Merkel and the Chinese president The Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Macron with Merkel.

Trump arrives at the top.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan with Merkel.

Erdogan with the British prime minister, Theresa May.

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The American minister of Foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson ran to the top ahead by willingness to demonstrate working with Russia in the conflict in Syria. Russia and the united states have disagreements about Syria, partly as a result of American air strikes on Syrian forces by Russia will be supported.

Also terrorist propaganda on the agenda. The leaders of the G20 have jointly agreed to put pressure on the internet – and socialmediabedrijven to ensure that the “wrong” messages (automatically) be deleted. “We will make it clear that we fast removal expected”, said federal chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday in Hamburg.

During the G20 summit, the nineteen most important economies in the world and the European Union met to discuss various economic topics. The netherlands is not a member, but as a special invited guest. Prime minister Mark Rutte and Finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem are present.

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