Trump and Netanyahu focused their arrows on Iran

Trump and Netanyahu focused their arrows on Iran

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The American president Donald Trump and the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have Wednesday hard language expressed in the direction of Iran. They suggested in a press conference that the country never had a nuclear weapon may possess.

The two leaders gave a press conference after they had met in the White House in Washington. Trump called the “nuclear ambitions” of Iran as one of the greatest dangers for Israel. Also Netanyahu said the intention of the “Iranian danger back to want to penetrate”.

Trump called the relationship between the US and Israel “unbreakable” and gave the atoomdeal that western countries, including the USA, in 2015 with Iran locks. The country promised the nuclear tests, considerably to reduce it in exchange for the lifting of the economic sanctions.

Israel had criticized the agreement because Iran as the agreements on ten year expiration still able could be a nuclear bomb to build.

Bad deal

The appointment was often criticized by Trump, that “one of the worst deals that I in my life have seen”. Iran did in the past weeks some tests with missiles and radar systems. In response, the US has sanctions imposed on various individuals and organisations in Iran.

Trump responded during the press conference, very briefly, on the resignation of Michael Flynn, National Veiligheidsadviser. Flynn had, after a month of resignation because he calls would have fought with Russian top officials about easing the sanctions against Russia. Trump stated that Flynn “a great man is that very, very unfairly treated”.

Netanyahu arrives at White House for meeting with Trump

Colonisation strategy

The American president, a few months further, the Israeli premier for his colonisation strategy what to temper it. The Israeli leader had a downright bad relationship with Trumps Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama and expected that Washington under Trump again, as always, completely behind Israel’s policy to implement.

But Trump seemed more cautious than Netanyahu had wished. Trump said that he “would like the American embassy to Jerusalem would be moving and that carefully considering”. The Republican Trump further said that “it would be a good idea as Netanyahu is at the nederzettingenpolitiek meaning”.

Fantastic peace

Also said the American leader that the imposition of a peace settlement between israelis and Palestinians, more countries can be invited. The U.S. wants, according to Trump, to contribute to “a great peace” between the parties, but the israelis and Palestinians should eventually want to settle.

Trump repte strikingly none of the chambers with not a word about a two-state solution to the conflict. The international community, including the United States, there is, in principle, that peace is possible if there is a Palestinian state next to the Israeli. But should Israel since 1967 occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, in return. That wants, Israel does not.

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