Trump: ‘an Attack on Iran is called off, saving lives’

The Us president, Donald Trump has on Friday announced that he will be a military strike on targets in Iran has stopped, because of a high number of potential casualties that would cause. In the US, the UN security council convened to discuss the issue of Iran, to speak.

“We were ready to take last night back to the store at three different locations, and when I asked him,” How many will die?'” wrote He, in a series of posts on Twitter. “‘For 150 people, sir,” came the reply from the general.”

“Ten minutes before the attack, I took out that plug, because it is not a proportionate response to the shooting down of an unmanned drone. I’m not in a hurry.”

The Us president says that the economic sanctions that his administration has made against Iran are effective, and he added that Thursday night’s new sanctions coming into force, without further comment.

He had to know that he was in Iran and had been warned that an American attack was imminent. Iran denies that such a message has been received.

The New York Times reported on Friday, based on sources within the White House that the united states was on the verge to attack Iran with missiles. President Trump would have to do so, are encouraged by the Iran-hawks in his cabinet. The opinion of the newspaper, it was described how the Home and the surgery at the last moment stopped, but it was still not clear as to why he was doing this.

The American vergeldingsaanval was the response to the shooting down of an American spionagedrone by the Iranians on Thursday. Tehran says that the drone in Iran’s airspace and it was also Washington’s denying that.


Iran shows alleged wreckage of the Us drone

The tensions around the Iranian nuclear program

The tensions between Iran and the US have increased ever since He, his country’s withdrawal from the Atoomakkoord, which is also signed by the European Union, Russia, and China. The country’s proposed re-imposed sanctions against Iran, which, in turn, promoted the production of enriched uranium to run it.

In the past few months have been tankerschepen was attacked in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz, which passes Iran and Oman, is running. According to the Americans, it is the theocratic regime in Tehran responsible for the attack. Iran denies this.

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs advises that travellers to the shores of the Persian Gulf, and to avoid, if a visit is not necessary. KLM royal Dutch airlines announced won’t be up to the Strait of Hormuz will not be flying.

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